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Frak is a swear word, papers have no corners, and there is more than one God.

01. I want to thank everyone nice comments to my last post the other day. It may sound strange or silly, but I do get slightly nervous when discussing about my personal life even if it isn't all that detailed, so it means a lot to me that everyone shared their feelings with me. So thank you, you guys are all awesome.

02. What The Frak Is Going On? Missing the action of BSG or you're too far away before S4 starts up again, or just need a quick recap without going through all the episodes? This little segment sum up everything important that's happened from the mini-series to S3 in just 8-minutes. Check it out, it's both hilarious and informative, not to mention impressive that you can fit all that's happened in all three seasons in only eight minutes.

03. I am seriously craving some Chinese food right now, unfortunately the restaurant I frequently visited and loved had recently closed down so I'll have to find an alternative one, but there are hardly any good ones around my area anymore. It just sucks because I loved how that one prepared its foods, especially their chow mein. Le sigh, I may just have to settle for Japanese or Thai or something.

04. Also, if you haven't seen The More You Know campaign videos you totally should. Seriously.
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