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Adding my voice to the masses.

Word in recent LJ News updates is that Basic Accounts are no longer an option as of yesterday, March 12th. I have already voiced my displeased opinions with others who've posted about it, and while I am, along with others, are in the clear what concerns me about this whole ordeal is that this wasn't announced before yesterday nor was it even officially announced at all. And I think, being users of this particular site, the new owners should respect that even if they don't deem it "important" for all users it should at least be mentioned so everyone can know what's coming before it actually happens. Hell, even Brad the founder of LiveJournal is not impressed with this change that even he didn't want to happen, and which his concerns are basically being ignored by the advisory board that he is a member of.

This is going to raise a whole lot of uproar, as it already has in the short timespan of several hours now. Let's just hope SUP listens and take into consideration to their customer's complaints, because while I understand it's a business and they've done stuff like this before and this won't be the last stunt they'll pull there are certain responsibilities on their side to those who use their site.

But to take one's mind off of this recent drama, I present to you: ACHMED THE DEAD TERRORIST! I was literally LOLing at this for the longest time the other night after watching that, so hilarious.
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