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17 March 2008 @ 02:15 pm
Fandomosity: TSCC, Dollhouse, Heroes, BSG, Fandom  
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hope everyone is having a lovely day and wearing green so nobody gets pinched! Taking a break from personal affairs for a while, here's the latest news on what's been happening in fandom.

-♣- Fight The Future: Others might have heard about it already but if not, Terminator: TSCC is definitely looking towards a new season. Again, we won't know anything official until the upfronts in May, but from executives and the positive outlook from the cast, a renewal is a high possibility.

-♣- Welcome To The Dollhouse: Dollverse is a website that has the latest updates concerning the creation of Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku's newest show, Dollhouse. This includes possible casting choices for characters, production notes and other furthering updates.

-♣- How To Be A Hero: Leonard Roberts talks about Heroes, in which he says the "producers must respect the fans." The entire interview is worth the read, his thoughts about his character and how they decided to deal with D.L. in S2, but I think that part of the article is really important because it shows that even the actors are aware of the comments and how different that season was. He does believe the longer downtime before returning for the fall is a good thing to get the ball rolling again, and even some believe Vol.3 will be better.

Also take note that the Heroes: S1 soundtrack comes out Tuesday (tomorrow).

-♣- So Say We All: It's amazing to see BSG being promoted like whoa because the fourth and final season is just around the corner. I mean, you've got an eight-story building BSG ad, the two BSG specials airing on the 28th, and also Katee and Grace promoting the show on other shows along with nearly the entire cast to be appearing on Dave Letterman on March 19th. This is really a huge deal and, as a fan myself, I'm psyched it's getting this much attention and hopefully this season will be bigger, badder and better and will end with a big bang. There's also some talk that the spin-off series, Caprica, may take off afterwards but that has yet to be truly confirmed or not.

-♣- Total Spoiler, OMG: In a recent article, Spoilers: In Defense of the American Watercooler, it talks about the sensitivity of getting yourself spoiled for a show regardless of its from the night before or five years ago after it'd aired. It brings up some interesting points, and while I do place everything I discuss on this journal underneath a cut when talking about an episode I'd just seen that's me being courtesy for others and possibly my long ramblings that may be of the TL;DR variety. However, I don't hold myself back from discussing an episode, online or in real life. Understandably, not everyone is from the U.S. here so we do have to restrain ourselves somewhat on LJ. But anywhere else, should it be the responsibility of the person who missed out or should they join in, be intrigued, watch the show and be even more shocked? It's quite interesting of an analysis.
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himhilien: Heroes - Clairehimhilien on March 17th, 2008 11:21 pm (UTC)
I bookmarked the Leonard Roberts interview for a later read. I'm still upset over how the writers handled D.L.'s death because I really wanted to see more of the father/son and husband/wife dynamics in that family. Besides, for a more shallow reason, he and Ali were so pretty together.

I'm wondering with the writers' strike shortening a lot of series seasons, if BSG will finally get nominated for Emmy Awards. When I say that, I mean for the acting and series categories. You'd think if a series that deals with so many current political and social issues, it'd be recognized. I'm actually kind of surprised James and Mary haven't been nominated for their acting because they've both been in the business for years and have some Oscar nominations under their belts, with James winning an Emmy in the 80s. Then again, it is sci-fi and the huge wins for LotR at the Oscars have not been as groundbreaking as we'd hope.

I actively search for spoilers. I don't do it as often these days as I once did and I usually am pretty good about not slipping stuff to my friends, unless they ask me to tell them.
Renéerogueslayer452 on March 18th, 2008 01:34 am (UTC)
I just think "Four Months Ago" would've been better if we could've had more character storylines (e.g. Bennet and Mohinder's planning and partnership, Mo/Molly/Matt, etc.), and while I love the Niki/DL/Micah family it didn't do much plot-wise. But I agree, they are very pretty together. :)

BSG should get more recognized and awarded/nominated because of EJO and Mary as the main leaders and play such important roles in the series overall, not to mention having Richard Hatch (the original Apollo) as a recurring character. Unfortunately scifi often gets snubbed at those kinds of things, which is rather unfortunate. Ah well, hopefully that'll happen sometime between now and the S4/series finale, since everyone is talking about it.