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What else are you gonna do, read a book?

01. SPN Friending Meme over at spn_ruby. I would like to welcome the newest people I friended from there, and hopefully your stay will be enjoyable and fun and that I don't scare/frighten you off. For whatever reason that'll be, I don't know. Heh!

02. Like most I stayed up to watch the cast of BSG present the "Top Ten Reasons" on David Letterman last night, the most amusing part aside that they were all in costume and portraying their characters was the reasons for watching the final season. I especially loved Grace's delivery was awesome, Jamie using his Apollo voice then turning back to his normal accent, and of course Mary and EJO. Though everyone was FTW, and they all looked fantastic. Just wished there could've been an interview or whatever, but ah well. Also, there is a new S4 trailer available, featuring new scenes we haven't seen before. Two words: FRAKKIN' A. I shouldn't be watching these because it'll ruin my whole viewing of the premiere since it seems like I've seen the majority of what's going to be shown anyway, but I don't care. Is it April 4th yet?

03. I spent yesterday gathering Mohinder screencaps. Actually I've been doing that for some time now, and I have two full folders of anything/everything Mohinder from promo pictures to S1 and S2 screencaptures. Yeah, obsessed much? I love my Momo! Hence why I'm finally using my favorite new Sendhil icon in a post. ♥
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