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A post, on Friday? OMG!

Much happened today, I was really busy and preoccupied and wasn't online much because of it. You all know my feelings about this whole "content strike" business, as quite obviously I'm not partaking in it. For those that did, good for you for believing in wanting to do something. And that's all I'm going to say about that topic, since everyone's probably tired of hearing about it. Besides it's over for most people anyway, so whatever.

Okay, I am completely consumed with the BSG hype that's going on so I figured I do a theories post about it. Or rather, what I believe might happen come season four. I know no further spoilers than what's been shown from the previews and clips that's been released.

++ Natalie, one of the new Six characters, due to her suspicions brings back D'Anna and the other Threes from being boxed to get more detail on what Cavil is possibly hiding regarding the Final Five. I actually never thought about it before, but Cavil's actions in season three were very suspicious because his behavior suggested that there's more knowledge than he's shown about their past, which is why he doesn't believe in the Cylon God because he knows some are fundamentally different. Natalie wants to bring the twelve models back together in thinking this might be the turnaround of the Cylon race.

Also, Natalie communiates with someone from Galactica because in the new trailer she says "the final five are on your fleet", my guess is it's Athena. Furthermore, it seems that the Eight models may have more screentime this season. I'm wondering who she was speaking about when she said "we've got to do something before she takes us all down with her" -- could be Natalie, could be D'Anna, or it could be someone else.

++ The fifth and final Cylon is either Dualla (very popular speculation, it seems) or Zac Adama.

++ Caprica-Six seems to be spending time with Roslin, talking about Kara and the possibility that she may be a Cylon and the Final Five in general. Also with Tigh, wherein he seems to want to know more about the Cylon and human connections since he'd just discovered what he is. I don't know whether he reveals his identity towards her or that he's being discreet. I'm betting it's the latter because he's not the kind of say "oh by the way I'm a Cylon, so don't say anything". He doesn't want to bring attention to his true identity, especially not to Adama who has been his trustful friend for many years. Plus judging from the Last Supper promotional poster, Tigh is sitting where Judas was in the actual painting, therefore a possible foreshadowing.

++ Tory will come to accept her nature as a Cylon, Tyrol will become a version of Boomer in denying his identity, only more violent (possibly), and Anders will have Kara to lean on, even if she may or may not believe him.

++ The scripture says that the dying leader will lead the people to the promised land, and we've all assumed that it's Roslin because she has breast cancer. We also know that she's escaped death many, many times and in the small promos some time ago her voiceover announces that she's "slipping away from this life". However, what if Roslin isn't the dying leader mentioned? What if, by some chance, Kara is because she technically died but returned to lead them all to Earth?

I also firmly believe that Kara is a reincarnation of one of the Lords of Kobol, sent back to fulfill her mission to lead the people to Earth, and from what we've seen she has an intuitive direction on whether they are heading towards or further away from the pathway to Earth. It's almost like those who have the belief that they are incarnations from prophets or angels or like those ancient saints who have a calling to bring forth a task to be completed, like Joan of Arc for example, bringing messages from God and doing her duty to carry them out. Perhaps that is Kara's destiny, to know death and to be reborn and to fully know how to save the human race. I'm still trying to figure out the details but, at this moment, that's where it all seems to be heading towards to me.

But this also leads back to the message the the Hybrid said in "Razor", that she's the harbringer of the apocalypse and will bring to human race to its end, and whether this warning is meant in the literal sense or that once heading towards Earth there will be another war between Cylon and Man, and whether it's purely between machine and flesh or something else entirely. Like a divider between those who have a belief in something else, like Baltar spreading the word that there are no Lords of Kobol and that there is only One True God (a.k.a. the Cylon God), which is another thing to take into account. Or maybe, Earth is the new Kobol. Recreating the human race on that planet and restarting the story that's been written in the scriptures.

++ Speaking of, I do believe that human and Cylon will merge together if they both reach Earth. I believe Hera is of grave importance to saying that both races can find common ground, just not an occupied-ground like New Caprica was.

Sorry if none of those made any kind of sense that's logical or coherent! I've been having thinky-thoughts for a long while and I needed to get them out there. Hee.

It also appears that Caprica, the prequel series, has been greenlit and is ready to go. They say it's going to be much different than BSG, but that's to be expected naturally. I'm just happy there's to be more expansion of this universe that I've grown to love and appreciate, and I have faith that RDM and David Eick will create a show that, while different, can please viewers as it goes fifty years prior. Either way, yay!
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