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30 March 2008 @ 05:13 pm
Do YOU know who the last Cylon is?  
My father has announced that he is watching Firefly as recommended by someone from his work, neverminding the fact that his two daughters have been raving about the series for-freaking-ever. Huh, the things you learn.

There's this meme on battlestar_blog where you can speculate on the final Cylon and the end of the series, and instead of commenting there I'm going to post my thoughts here. Since I can get really thorough with my thinky-thoughts. Also, to really let it out because OMG THIS FRIDAY THE PREMIERE! MY EXCITEMENT CANNOT BE CONTAINED! *ahem* Anwyay, onwards to my incredible far-fetched ideas:

I think the final Cylon might be....
We already know that the four that were revealed are connected with someone of great importance to the fleet. So my best guesses would definitely have to be either Dualla, since she's married to Lee and he made a huge impact during the end of S3; Tom Zarek since he's been involved in many of the political issues and conflicts since the beginning, or if by some chance Zac Adama that after he'd died he was resurrected on Earth. After all, he is an Adama and Leoben did say that Adama was a Cylon.

But it's all fair game, because there's also Gaeta. The lawyer (Badger!) is also my next guess since he had much influence at the trial and especially over Lee.

I don't think the final Cylon will be...
Kara, simply because it would be too obvious and a cop-out. I want to see another relevation about Kara that doesn't have a Cylon explanation or connection she's a reincarnation of the Gods people, hello! Gaius Baltar is also out. Admiral Adama, definitely not, and good Gods I hope not Helo! You never know with this show what's going to happen, so it could be anyone we'd least expect.

I'm scared that the final Cylon will be...
Hmm, just the fact that it could be someone we didn't anticipate and it could go either way. It could shock us or be a letdown if it wasn't someone that matches up to our expectations. I guess I'm just overall scared that it WILL be revealed which indicates the end of the series, which is actually more sad really.

If the final Cylon was killed in an earlier episode but an resurrect, I believe that the final Cylon is...
Billy. Although I know it's unlikely but I would really love to see Billy return, though I'm not sure if this would give Laura hope or a heart attack. I already said Zac, and I guess I would say Kat only because I loved her character too.

I would like the final Cylon to be...
Someone already gave this answer, but I'll restate it again: Laura Frakking Roslin. For purely selfish reasons obviously. First of all, we know her cancer is not going away this season and therefore is slowly dying, we believe, and honestly I cannot have that. Roslin is made of awesome and therefore cannot die. I forbid it. This is why she needs to be the final Cylon, because her Legacy of Awesomeness needs to continue that or she and Adama needs to make many pretty babies in order for their combined awesomeness to live on in the next human generation. All I know is, Laura Roslin just cannot die, and if that's her fate I would like her to set foot on Earth's surface before she does. She deserves that much after all she'd done.

Otherwise, I don't know. A part of me wants to find out because it's killing me, but at the same time I like leaving it vague with the door wide open for possibilities that'll never be explained. It could be the big mystery we'll never find out, even though we will because RDM said we will.

If there is a twist in the end regarding Cylons and humans, I believe the twist will be...
That Earth will become the new Kobol. That the story they'd been reliving from the scriptures restarts and begins again, and it'll be a combination between the reincarnations of those Gods and those humans and Cylons to recreate those legends and stories from those religious scriptures. Remember that infamous prophecy: "All this has happened before, and all of it will happen again." The players change, the story remains the same. I believe that once hitting their destination they'll discover that they'll have new roles to play, that perhaps the war between Cylon and Man have ended and they will be one, and there is going to be a new legacy written where others are split up by these dividing roles.

If this character turns out to be the final Cylon, I will kick off so much that my LJ will likely explode into millions of tiny shards of pain and anger...
I've already mentioned Kara, and that's not likely to happen for obvious reasons. Hmmm, definitely Cally. I'm not a Cally fan, quite obviously, so I wouldn't want thousands of Cally's roaming around. Though I admit it would be pretty funny because she hates Cylons and she hates Sharon and for her to discover that she's a Cylon would be hilarious, even more hilarious at how she would react that her husband is a Cylon. She'd probably want to kill herself by either discoveries, and I wouldn't object to it. Wow, am I evil or what?

If this character turns out to be the final Cylon, I will squee so hard my LJ will explode into millions of tiny shards of excitement...
I'm not sure, but I've already expressed how I would feel about Laura Roslin as a Cylon, though I wouldn't mind if Admiral Adama was one either. I don't know, because I know since this IS the final season and they are reaching closer to Earth that people are dying, some minor characters others may be even major character. If anything they survive I would love Adama and/or Roslin to be Cylons.

There's that unpopular meme going around and I've been thinking about doing one, but on my own terms. Instead of the original meme fashion everyone's doing it in I'm going to go ahead and write up my own unpopular fandom opinions, ranging from shows and characters to people in fandom in general. IDK, I feel like I need to start ranting and bitching because I seem to be too nice about fandom in general or not really expressing my opinions about my fandoms that much, except if it's about wank. With wank I'm pretty unsympathetic. So that'll happen perhaps in the upcoming days or so, once I have it organized and written up.

I just heard Thomas Dekker's "The Future" song and OMG! Must. Have. Now.
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himhilienhimhilien on March 31st, 2008 01:56 am (UTC)
It only took me knowing Serenity was having a midnight showing at one of the movie theaters last semester to watch more than the series premiere.

I swear when the Last Supper promo pic was released, Ron Moore said that no one who haven't been revealed as Cylons in it were going to be the last Cylon.

BIIIILLLLLLLYYYYYYY!!!!!! I want him to be the last Cylon!

I know how you feel about being too nice about fandom. Sometimes I want to just go off on people, especially when they're being idiots. Gods, I think if I was still in the HP fandom, I would have taken off my boxing gloves long ago and started punching some of the people there and I wouldn't take as much shit as I do in the Heroes fandom.
Renéerogueslayer452 on March 31st, 2008 02:12 am (UTC)
Anyone could be the Fifth Cylon. By anyone, I mean anyone. Sylar could be the final one for all we know. XD

It's hard because you think it's one person, but it could be someone else completely. I'm trying to see which character holds a powerful influence in the series. It's hard because nearly every character has an important role to play. But yes, BILLLYY!!

Seriously! Fandom can be such like a high school clique. It's like there's so many fans with the same likings and anyone who disagrees with them or has a different viewpoint it's an immediate bitchfight. I'm like, OMGWTF? I have no problem with expressing my thoughts, but fandom can be a piranha pit that you just hold your tongue in fear that you'll get bitched at or whatever. But at this point I really don't care because I realize that if people don't respect my views, that's their problem.
himhilienhimhilien on March 31st, 2008 02:45 am (UTC)
What about Mohinder? Think about it. Hundreds of thousands of Mohinders and we can all have our own. *nods*

I want my own Billy.

That's really why I don't want to think about who the final Cylon is. Funny thing. One of my friends put the Last Supper pic on her Facebook album and put a bunch of our names to the characters. I got Tigh which made me laugh so much because I am pretty blunt and straightforward as he is, and I have a personality that you have to get used to. One of our professors is the missing person in the photo.

It's people's stupid expectations that everything should go their way and become self entitled fanbrats that piss me off. The people who thought Tim Kring was a moron for making Claire Nathan's daughter thus preventing Peter/Claire from ever happening.... I just can't get over that. Sure the guy did things that were annoying as fuck in the first and second seasons but that was one kick ass reveal.

Then there is the issue about how the writers can't write romantic story lines. WTF? Sure the West/Claire and Peter/Caitlin stuff in season two were not done well, but what about Mohinder/Eden, DL/Niki, Matt/Janice, Nathan/Heidi, Isaac/Simone, and Hiro/Charlie in the first season? Fandom just loves to have a selective, short term memory.
Renée: Sendhil Ramamurthy.rogueslayer452 on March 31st, 2008 03:07 am (UTC)
I was just thinking the same thing, wouldn't that be awesome? I would SO want a Cylon!Mohinder for myself. *dreamy sigh*

Wasn't it a kickass reveal? That was one twist I didn't see coming (I had my money that I was Linderman, actually; though I do like Cristine Rose's theory that Nathan is the lovechild between Angela and Linderman! XD) and we all know this show is about connections and these kinds twists. Everyone just wanted it to happen between Peter and Claire and when it didn't everyone got all pissy. I was like okay, it would've been nice but I'm not going to get a hissy fit over it.

My major problem with the romances in S2 was how rushed they seemed, whereas in S1 the relationships were already there or slowly building. I do think Heroes CAN do romance, but subtly and not made into a huge deal.
himhilien: Heroes - Clairehimhilien on March 31st, 2008 03:20 am (UTC)
There wouldn't be a population problem if Mohinder was a Cylon. ^_~

That's a nice theory but one I would never want to become canon. But I wouldn't mind if it was revealed the Company founders all met at Woodstock and Angela did sleep with the men AND the women. XD I got into the series in January 07 (thank you Christopher Eccelston) and I had to go back and watch all of the previous episodes so while watching Homecoming, I was like "Too bad you two are related." I think even if I was watching the series from the beginning, i wouldn't have been a Peter/Claire fan anyway.

It just makes me sad Tim said romance isn't for the show. It was made worse when Sendhil even said it. Like you said, it should be subtle.
Renée: Mohinder Suresh.rogueslayer452 on March 31st, 2008 03:30 am (UTC)
See, the writers SHOULD listen to Cristine's theory. IT WOULD BE CRACKTASTICALLY AWESOME!

Subtle and through the subtext, always the best way to go. Though for purely selfish reasons, I wouldn't want Mohinder to have a romantic relationship with anyone. It would just make me jealous. ;) Hell, I was all "get off him bitch!" when Elle was groping him (though he hardly seemed into it, just eying her with this WTF look. XD)
himhilien: Heroes - Matthimhilien on March 31st, 2008 03:37 am (UTC)
Flashback to Woodstock! XDDDD

I don't want Mohinder to have a romantic interest either. Besides being incredibly jealous, he just doesn't have enough in him to have that kind of relationship and be the selfless, person he is. I was cracking up the whole time. Sendhil has some terrific facial expressions.
Renéerogueslayer452 on March 31st, 2008 03:45 am (UTC)
Yep, Mohinder is dealing with too much dangerous shit, you know with saving the world and everything to deal with that kind of thing. Sendhil is amazing with the expressions as he is with the snark. :D
himhilien: Heroes - Brothershimhilien on March 31st, 2008 04:19 am (UTC)
It would be nice for him to have a healthy, meaningful relationship with at least one of the adults. Too bad Sylar is a serial killer who killed his father. It's times like this that make me miss Eden so much.

Did you see the entry on heroes_mohinder about how Sendhil should start a movie career? This is the article.

Reckless Endangerment to Youth: book lover//sunlitdayslotuseyes on March 31st, 2008 02:31 am (UTC)
I think the last Cylon might be... I'm rooting for it to be Gaeta. I love Felix. I really do. I love him almost as much as I love Braca (in farscape). My dad says I'm a loyalist lover. It must be true because I always love the guys who are loyal to a fault and are entirely too weasly to truly be lovable.

I don't think the final Cylon will be... Lee Adama or Kara. Or Admiral Adama. I think those 3 of the most likely candidates (after Baltar, but as we all know he's not one). It would be too easy to say 'HA! Got you that character who was so noble and such a force for humanity? Guess what? A Cylon! How's that to make humanity doubt itself?'

I'm scared the final Cylon will be... Roslin. Or Callie. Either of them. I'm not fond of Callie AT ALL die a horrible death bitch and I don't want Roslin to be one. It would make me too sad. And would make Adama sad too. And all of humanity...(though I think it would be worth it almost to see both Gaeta's face and Baltar's...wouldn't it just EAT Baltar up that she's a Cylon and he's not?)

If the final Cylon was killed in an earlier episode but an resurrect, I believe that the final Cylon is... Um...Since I'm new to the show and haven't actually seen ALL the episodes (just pockets of episodes) I really wanna go with the Admiral from Pegasus (shit I can't remember her name at all). That would just be too awesome for me (mostly because I miss that character for no real good reason at all).

I would like the final Cylon to be... Gaeta. Make it Gaeta or Duella. One of them. Gaeta because I really need to add more angst to that loving and Duella because wouldn't it just make freaking sense that Lee chose a Cylon to be his wife to get back at Kara?

If there is a twist in the end regarding Cylons and humans, I believe the twist will be... I'm not sure here. Never very good at this sort of thing. I rather like your twist. I do however have a question pertaining to reproducing with humans. If memory serves there are now TWO hybrids correct? Chief's kid and Athena's kid. I'm more interested in how the fact Chief's kid was half-cylon got past ALL the medical exams...that had better be explained.

If this character turns out to be the final Cylon, I will kick off so much that my LJ will likely explode into millions of tiny shards of pain and anger... I will be very upset if they take the loser's way out and say its Kara or either Adama. I mean it. Such forces of Humanity should not be tampered with. Roslin falls into this category just for the record. It will be wrong and shatter anyone's preconception that Humanity had Heroes to fight for them because HEY one of the Big Four? TOTAL CYLON! EAT THAT! (not for anything but with both Chief and Saul as cylons there might already be a mass exodus lemming style to suicide...)

If this character turns out to be the final Cylon, I will squee so hard my LJ will explode into millions of tiny shards of excitement... If they make it Gaeta I will pay RETAIL to buy all the DVD's of the seasons. I won't go cheap and buy'em used or off ebay I will pay RETAIL (something I reserve for very few shows/movies anymore).


now that's over..what's this about a Thomas Dekker song? Where? On what? Also seriously did they think we'd forget that Chief has a kid with Callie and that would make that kid a HYBRID like Hera? there better be explaining...

Renéerogueslayer452 on March 31st, 2008 02:44 am (UTC)
I do however have a question pertaining to reproducing with humans. If memory serves there are now TWO hybrids correct? Chief's kid and Athena's kid.

RDM had said in an interview a while back that the Final Five are fundamentally different from the other known seven Cylons, that they are programmed or made in a different manner. I do think, however, that Hera is the first hybrid that says that yes, Cylons and humans can reproduce together, which is the next step to the evolution of both species. If that makes any sort of sense. But yes, explanations please!

I definitely will be miffed if they choose the easy way out in saying so-and-so is the final Cylon. But I have faith in RDM that it won't happen that way. But that is my biggest fear, because this is the end and we have to have that BIG REVELATION.

RE: Thomas Dekker, apparently he's a musician and he has links on his MySpace to some of his songs he's recorded. Though you can listen to the TSCC-inspired song: right here on YouTube.
glassnowdrop on March 31st, 2008 02:40 am (UTC)
i refuse to believe that the 'final four' are cylons. I REFUSE!!! i'm going to stay living in me own little world where this doesn't happen.

i honestly can not comprehend how for some reason or other, almost all of the cylons were on the Battlestar Galactica when everything went down.

I don't know how they can say it is tigh, because he's old enough to pre-date cylons evolved.

grrr. but i do hope they bring back billy, cos he was awesome. and it better not be Kara. that would suck.
Renéerogueslayer452 on March 31st, 2008 02:49 am (UTC)
Hee, I know many were miffed that Tigh and Chief were Cylons, but in the context of the show it makes sense. We have since the very beginning wondering who else could be a Cylon and if they existed amongst the fleet, and for those four, especially three we've come to know and love, to be revealed? That's quite a turn. But...I like it. I guess my only question is why were they placed in the fleet like this and why have they just woken up from their sleeper modes until now? I just find this whole thing fascinating and I can't wait to see how it all unravels for all these characters.

Ah, but Tigh claims he's been in the service for forty years, and he's only known Adama for at least thirty-something. Perhaps it's all a memory card, an illusion of sorts.
glassnowdrop on March 31st, 2008 03:07 am (UTC)
i know there can be loopholes, but i prefer my battlestar to stick to believeable facts, so that the story isn't just, well this was all a lie...at least a little... I'm not a fan of the 'and then i woke up' concept....

man i hope it's not Helo. that would suck.
Renée: Mohinder Suresh.rogueslayer452 on March 31st, 2008 03:12 am (UTC)
True. The main reason why I loved BSG from the beginning that it had believable concepts that could be easily explained without going the Stargate routes of continuity issues and whatnot. Though as the seasons continued it went more into the mythology of the Cylons and I like to suspend my belief with that. It's just so fascinating and hopefully between this final season and Caprica we can get some answers to those nagging questions of "how? why? when?"

God, making Helo the final Cylon would definitely suck. I love Helo how he is, kthx.
glassnowdrop on March 31st, 2008 03:23 am (UTC)
yeah - thats the thing, is up until the final five, it was very believable, and now it's just sort of a stretch....and there are few holes in logic and so on. and the whole starbuck coming back from the dead? what?

it's getting a little too crazy for me :)
Renée: Blair Waldorf.rogueslayer452 on March 31st, 2008 03:31 am (UTC)
Ah, but crazy is the BEST way to be. ;)
glassnowdrop on March 31st, 2008 02:40 am (UTC)
also OMG friday!!! i so can't wait!
bitterbird on April 1st, 2008 02:28 pm (UTC)
I hope your dad is enjoying Firefly, even if he didnt listen to you before :)
(Anonymous) on April 24th, 2008 08:15 pm (UTC)
last cylon
The last cylon......the original Apollo (Richard Hatch) Tom Zaric..that would be the most ironic twist, intergrating the original show and the most popular Colonial warrior...and making him the last and final cylon.....what do you all think????