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Do YOU know who the last Cylon is?

My father has announced that he is watching Firefly as recommended by someone from his work, neverminding the fact that his two daughters have been raving about the series for-freaking-ever. Huh, the things you learn.

There's this meme on battlestar_blog where you can speculate on the final Cylon and the end of the series, and instead of commenting there I'm going to post my thoughts here. Since I can get really thorough with my thinky-thoughts. Also, to really let it out because OMG THIS FRIDAY THE PREMIERE! MY EXCITEMENT CANNOT BE CONTAINED! *ahem* Anwyay, onwards to my incredible far-fetched ideas:

I think the final Cylon might be....
We already know that the four that were revealed are connected with someone of great importance to the fleet. So my best guesses would definitely have to be either Dualla, since she's married to Lee and he made a huge impact during the end of S3; Tom Zarek since he's been involved in many of the political issues and conflicts since the beginning, or if by some chance Zac Adama that after he'd died he was resurrected on Earth. After all, he is an Adama and Leoben did say that Adama was a Cylon.

But it's all fair game, because there's also Gaeta. The lawyer (Badger!) is also my next guess since he had much influence at the trial and especially over Lee.

I don't think the final Cylon will be...
Kara, simply because it would be too obvious and a cop-out. I want to see another relevation about Kara that doesn't have a Cylon explanation or connection she's a reincarnation of the Gods people, hello! Gaius Baltar is also out. Admiral Adama, definitely not, and good Gods I hope not Helo! You never know with this show what's going to happen, so it could be anyone we'd least expect.

I'm scared that the final Cylon will be...
Hmm, just the fact that it could be someone we didn't anticipate and it could go either way. It could shock us or be a letdown if it wasn't someone that matches up to our expectations. I guess I'm just overall scared that it WILL be revealed which indicates the end of the series, which is actually more sad really.

If the final Cylon was killed in an earlier episode but an resurrect, I believe that the final Cylon is...
Billy. Although I know it's unlikely but I would really love to see Billy return, though I'm not sure if this would give Laura hope or a heart attack. I already said Zac, and I guess I would say Kat only because I loved her character too.

I would like the final Cylon to be...
Someone already gave this answer, but I'll restate it again: Laura Frakking Roslin. For purely selfish reasons obviously. First of all, we know her cancer is not going away this season and therefore is slowly dying, we believe, and honestly I cannot have that. Roslin is made of awesome and therefore cannot die. I forbid it. This is why she needs to be the final Cylon, because her Legacy of Awesomeness needs to continue that or she and Adama needs to make many pretty babies in order for their combined awesomeness to live on in the next human generation. All I know is, Laura Roslin just cannot die, and if that's her fate I would like her to set foot on Earth's surface before she does. She deserves that much after all she'd done.

Otherwise, I don't know. A part of me wants to find out because it's killing me, but at the same time I like leaving it vague with the door wide open for possibilities that'll never be explained. It could be the big mystery we'll never find out, even though we will because RDM said we will.

If there is a twist in the end regarding Cylons and humans, I believe the twist will be...
That Earth will become the new Kobol. That the story they'd been reliving from the scriptures restarts and begins again, and it'll be a combination between the reincarnations of those Gods and those humans and Cylons to recreate those legends and stories from those religious scriptures. Remember that infamous prophecy: "All this has happened before, and all of it will happen again." The players change, the story remains the same. I believe that once hitting their destination they'll discover that they'll have new roles to play, that perhaps the war between Cylon and Man have ended and they will be one, and there is going to be a new legacy written where others are split up by these dividing roles.

If this character turns out to be the final Cylon, I will kick off so much that my LJ will likely explode into millions of tiny shards of pain and anger...
I've already mentioned Kara, and that's not likely to happen for obvious reasons. Hmmm, definitely Cally. I'm not a Cally fan, quite obviously, so I wouldn't want thousands of Cally's roaming around. Though I admit it would be pretty funny because she hates Cylons and she hates Sharon and for her to discover that she's a Cylon would be hilarious, even more hilarious at how she would react that her husband is a Cylon. She'd probably want to kill herself by either discoveries, and I wouldn't object to it. Wow, am I evil or what?

If this character turns out to be the final Cylon, I will squee so hard my LJ will explode into millions of tiny shards of excitement...
I'm not sure, but I've already expressed how I would feel about Laura Roslin as a Cylon, though I wouldn't mind if Admiral Adama was one either. I don't know, because I know since this IS the final season and they are reaching closer to Earth that people are dying, some minor characters others may be even major character. If anything they survive I would love Adama and/or Roslin to be Cylons.

There's that unpopular meme going around and I've been thinking about doing one, but on my own terms. Instead of the original meme fashion everyone's doing it in I'm going to go ahead and write up my own unpopular fandom opinions, ranging from shows and characters to people in fandom in general. IDK, I feel like I need to start ranting and bitching because I seem to be too nice about fandom in general or not really expressing my opinions about my fandoms that much, except if it's about wank. With wank I'm pretty unsympathetic. So that'll happen perhaps in the upcoming days or so, once I have it organized and written up.

I just heard Thomas Dekker's "The Future" song and OMG! Must. Have. Now.
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