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Death is only the beginning.

I'm not much a participant in the April Fool's kind of gags, however there were some kind jokes yesterday, both from friends and fandom, that I found hilarious. It's on that day where I don't want to post anything in fear that others may think it's a prank, but I'll still venture online and see what other jokes are being played around and just laugh at. Good times.

Battlestar Galactica marathon in SciFi all this week in preparation for Friday's premiere. Although I already have like, all the episodes it's still awesome to watch the episodes when it airs on TV.

But this has me kind of wondering regarding S4. It's been said that characters are going to die. That this season, being the last, will have a high death toll. Now it's inevitable since they're finally reaching Earth, the Cylons on their tail, the mysteries and everything coming together and all that deaths are bound to happen before they reach their destination. However, with all this speculations about who or what Kara is or who the final Cylon is, this gets me to thinking about all the minor characters we all came to love over the years. Like Hotdog, Racetrack, Doc Cottle. What are their fates? As much as I'm preparing for this season it's hard because it's like, these characters we're so used to seeing in every episode, and now it's coming to an end. Anything can happen. Edward James Olmos has even stated that he wouldn't be surprised if NONE of them survived, because that's how bleak this universe is. I guess in all this waiting and I know this is going to be a kickass season, it's also going to be a dreadful one because it's the end and anything can happen. So who knows?

In any case, I can't wait for Friday because it's been what it seems like forever since I've done a proper episode review, which I love doing. I'm sure anyone who's been keeping up with my show review posts know this by now.
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