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Unpopular Fannish Opinions, Part 1 (General)

In the midst of everyone doing that meme, I created my own list. Actually I've been meaning to do a compiled unpopular opinions list for a long while, I just never had the guts to post them before. But I figured it's now or never, and I'd rather let my opinions concerning fandom known instead of staying silent. I've divided my lists, this one is for general fandom while the other, which I'll post some time later during the week, is for specific fandoms.

01. RPS is irksome to me. I had a conversation about why I liked reading say, slash pairings but not RPS, and mainly I feel like I'm intruding and crossing that line we're not supposed to cross. These are actors who are real individuals, not fictional characters which can be written any which-way. It's sort of like someone you know writing you into a RPS fic. It's creepifying to think about, let alone read about. I get wanting to do "what ifs" for fictional characters and I don't mind slash/het/incest/etc., but...real life actors? Not my thing, sorry. That is uncharted territory I am not touching with a ten-foot pole.

02. Fandom pisses me off. More often than I'd like it to, I’m afraid. Ranging from all the batshit crazies to the entitlement bitches and rapid fangirls who are a little too invested in their obsession of whatever fandom or actor/celebrity who can't differentiate between fantasy (the character) and reality (the actor), that they forget to act like decent human beings. Moreover are those people who personally attack actors or celebrities over something incredibly petty and ridiculous. It makes the rest of us SANE fans look bad and sometimes I am ashamed to even associate myself with fandom due to the crazyass shit that happens, online and off. I try not to even get involved in that and stay inside my little bubble of friends where I can be happy and enjoy my shows for what they are, but sometimes I seriously want to smash some fans heads into a brick wall for the insanity and immaturity they bring.

03. I watch my shows for the entertainment value, not to nitpick at the political incorrectness and whatnot. I love my shows for what they are, nothing more and nothing less. I'm not going to deny that there are underlining issues presented in everything we see in the media, whether it be television or movies, but art imitates life. Could things be portrayed better in the media? Sure, but I'm not about to get butthurt over every little thing.

04. Iconmakers, DON'T link your advertised icons to your community that is members only and you have to be ACCEPTED into that community before taking the icons. I get the security thing, but it's really fucking annoying, especially if I do like your icons. It makes me not want to take them.

05. Fanfiction. I read a fair amount of it from time to time, though some authors annoy me when they fail to use proper characterization or create canonical connections and do further research in going deeper than what's on the surface, even if the story itself is engaging. I am also very picky; I tend to only read fics that are based in a canonical timeline and if the characters are realistically portrayed. I don't mind AUs or crack!fics, but only if it's written extremely well.

06. Dear Fandom, you are not getting "personally attacked" just because LiveJournal decides to pull up new security policies. This kind of thing happens every single year and every single time you overreact, as usual. Get over yourselves.

It's actually shorter since there isn't much I have to complain aside from the biggest few things that annoy me in general fandom, unlike my other list which should be interesting.
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