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Be happy, be healthy!

So, hello to all the new folks I recently friended! Glad to have you and hopefully we'll get to knew each other better in the near future.

For a quick update on some of the things that's been going on, I've come to find a steady schedule for my daily workout and exercise activities. Normally I would make time to do them but now I have this system where I know what I'm going to do everyday of the week because of this schedule thing I have going on. But even though I know what I'm going to do it's different every time. Like, at a specific time I'd do like a 45-minute workout and then afterwards it can be whatever like tennis, yoga, walking around the block, whatever. Dancing is a must though. It's a have-to activity and I do it daily, whether I know it or not. It's second nature for me, to be honest. But this gets me all worked out and pumped and I feel awesome afterwards. I know most people don't like exercising and yes if you're new to it it'll hurt and make you feel exhausted, but I do encourage others out there to at least try and do something active once a day or once a week because once you get the hang of things it becomes a habit, and you feel amazing at the end of the day.

Other than that, I've been rewatching the BSG premiere (really, is anyone surprised?) I'm just so hyped up for this season. Sad it's the last one, but really very excited for what's coming up and what'll be revealed. I'm also just waiting for SPN and GG to return. Also, while I'm not in the Twilight fandom at all I feel like I want to the movie primarily because of the "sparkling vampires" description. It'll be full of LOLZ, fo'sure.

Working on the second part of my unpopular opinions, which will probably be up by tomorrow.
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