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BSG: "Six Of One" Episode Review

Due to being sick I hadn't had a chance to post my review, but the upside to that is that I got to rewatch the episode and thinky-thoughts started spinning around my head. So consider this a review and theories kind of post.

Battlestar Galactica 4.02 "Six Of One"

Laura Roslin aims to shoot at Kara Thrace as she attempts to make the president understand, when all that fails Adama puts her in the brig and almost kills her with his own hands but leaves her going crazy behind bars. Tory gets cozy in Baltar's bed and starts rethinking her position, Mama Roslin and Papa Adama have their first little we're-together-but-not-together quarrel about Kara, and the new Six model Natalie pulls the Cylon rank on Cavil in her attempts to forbid him from messing with the programming of the raiders and hiding behind the truth of the Final Five. Adama then releases Kara from her bonds in hopes that she may be right to search for Earth.

Just another day in the BSG universe.

Leaps Of Faith: Admiral Adama, President Roslin, and Starbuck

I think one of things that intrigues me is Adama's relationship with both these women in his life. We know that he considers the entire fleet his family, but there's a strong connection with him and Roslin as well as Kara on many levels. He wants to trust Kara but sees Roslin's side of the unconvincing evidence. It was heartbreaking with both scenes with them, him confronting Kara in the brig and talking with Roslin afterwards. He's torn between believing them both that he's not sure what to do, and time is running out for them all. I was relieved that he chose to release Kara and have her find Earth again, though I think it's because of what Roslin said to him which, by the way, their verbal exchange was a low-blow on both their parts. It's a reality they both have to face, I just wished it hadn't been to something like that, especially since Roslin is slowly dying from her cancer this time without any miraculous Cylon-blood transfusion cure.

The confrontation between Roslin and Kara wasn't so much a leap of faith but a painful realization that takes them three steps back.

Kara pulling the comparisons between Roslin's visions about Kobol was nicely done, because it's true it's precisely what I was thinking. Though at the same time, I understand Roslin not wanting to trust Kara because of her coming back after being presumed dead in a sqeaky-clean viper with no recollection of how she'd gotten back. If I were in her position I would suspect she were a Cylon, too. Then again, I'm torn with liking our lovely Madam President and disliking her behavior and attitude with Kara. I mean, it's one thing to completely distrust her without further evidence, it's another to want to shoot her without hesitation based on the suspicion that Kara might be a Cylon. The evidence, or lack thereof, is very hard to tell what or who she is because there are only two options: she's either human or Cylon. That's it. I want them to trust Kara, but at the same time she really isn't the same Kara Thrace that she once was and her headaches, her intiution on where Earth is located, it's all sketchy, so it's difficult to really know for sure.

See, this is why I love conflicted situations between characters. It adds so much depth and loads of thinky-thoughts about whether this decisions is right or wrong from another decision made.

Six Of One: Bureaucracy Amongst the Cylons

Out of the many emotional moments in this episode, the Cylon storyline is something I'm really looking forward to this season. More importantly the role Natalie is going to play, which given what we saw in this episode alone, is going to be quite awesome.

Interestingly what makes the Cylons more complex is their vision or ideas of government and how they operate which is very different from the humans, though throughout the series we've seen the subtle change where some Cylons are beginning to show certain human aspects which differs them from the other Cylon models. Athena was the first to have made that decision, to completely go against her own kind and join the humans. Because of their experiences with the humans Boomer and Caprica-Six had more understanding and empathy with humans, Boomer moreso because she believed to have been human for a long, long time before realizing she was a sleeper agent. We know that the humanoid models do have the capability of empathizing and relating to the humans to actually be human even to feel, to reconsider, to even think more instead of the collectiveness of the same model.

Which is why I find the civil war between the Cylons concerning the curiosity and reveal of the Final Five and wanting more freedom amongst their more machine-mechanical counterparts very intriguing. In this episode Cavil insists on lobodimizing the raiders because their programming has exceeding beyond anything they've ever done before, which doesn't make sense because isn't that what they wanted? To evolve into complete indestructable killing machines and more superior than the humans? Cavil and the others who agree to dumbing them down are acting as the humans once did to the Centurions when they were first created, and we learn in this episode that they Centurions with the Cylons had been restricted of higher learning or higher evolution. So it's interesting that the Cylons hate their human counterparts and yet the humanoids treat the Centrions and the raiders just as the humans once did to their kind.

Their voting and ways of government, or the crumbling of and renewal because of Natalie pulling a coup, also interests me and gets me to wondering whether this desctruction of their system is a good thing or a bad thing. In Natalie's way she and the others want to know about the Final Five, want to know more about their existance and their origins, which is good considering that this means expanding your knowledge which otherwise was closed off to them via their programming. But I'm also curious to Boomer's statement.

"We have to be able to defend ourselves" is what she said in response to her voting against her model, which challenges Natalie saying that every model is specifically unique and everyone belongs and votes within their own model. That kind of seems odd because it's like all models are the same, yet different, and shouldn't each individual copy have a right to have a choice, like Athena and Caprica-Six? Natalie wants the Cylons to evolve, to have freedom of will instead of being dumbed down or restricted from knowing more truth to who they are, and yet wants each copy to stay within their bounds of their model. I'm not sure, I understand what Natalie is trying to say but it doesn't quite add up, but then again the Cylon logic is often twisted and besides they are machines with human needs and desires and, in some cases, flaws too. I don't know. It's all very complicated.

Though with Natalie allowing the Centurions freedom of will, does this mean they'll go against the humanoid models since they actively had them restricted from their own functions? I can see the pros and cons to this plan; it's bad that they did that in the first place since it's what the humans did to them, but now it may seem that it'll be humanoids versus the Centurions. Could be quite a revelation, an internal war amongst the Cylons and betrayal against each other.

But what's more is Boomer going against her model. What benefit does this mean for her character, and why would she choose to reconfigure and why would this be considered "defending oneself" as she states? If she simply going for that not everyone should vote all the same because they are of the same model, she didn't do quite a good of a job because Natalie really stuck it to the Cylon Council, as I call them.

The Cavils also interest me because of their role in the Cylon society, or their absolute disbelief in God or any particular religion and believes that someone DID create them and wants to keep their programming to what it is. They are very mysterious models, and judging from their numbers they are the Ones which could mean they were created first, and I have a suspicion they either know more than what they're telling and it's hidden within their programmed brains (since he clearly said, when comparing the physical similarities to the other models in the beginning of the episode, that all the Ones share the same brain indicating that there's more knowledge stored there than what we've seen; and I speculate that). RDM did say that the belief is that the Cavils are in the Cylon world to organize and keep a hierarchical order of the Cylons, which we saw clearly in this episode. Also notice that all those that wanted to configure and lobodimize the raiders were those of practical and scientific thinkers, whereas the ones that didn't were of spiritual and religious belief. I found that fascinating.

I'll probably go more into the Cylons later on, but I'm really looking forward to what's going to happen with them this season. Everyone else too but I think the Cylons, now with the knowledge about the Final Five and wanting to know the truth, it's going to be quite a ride when everything is revealed.

The Episode Moments of Squee!

++ As I said above, NATALIE ILU! Someone mentioned elsewhere that if Roslin and Six ever had a lovechild, it would be Natalie. She's quite a different Six than the others we've seen. Her hair isn't the same white-blonde, she doesn't wear tight/revealing outfits or is of the seductive nature at all. Instead, she wears nearly conservative suits (okay, with some cleavage, but she's a Six so there HAS to be some appeal there, AMIRITE?) and her posture and the way she speaks is very different, almost like she's in a debate. I also loved the giddiness she had when she approached Cavil in the beginning talking about the Final Five. Like a little kid who discovered a piece of treasure. Of course there's no doubt that I would love Natalie, Tricia Helfer is amazing in all her roles and variations of the Sixs, I just didn't know I would love her THIS MUCH so quickly.

++ This also proves that you DO NOT piss off a Six. That scene where the Centurions executed the Cavils, Simons and Dorals was heartbreaking, even for Natalie to watch. So even if you don't want to do it, as she begged them to reconsider, the action had to be done.

++ "WE'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!" The infamous scene we'd wanted since the promos, and we got it. It was worth it too. Oh Kara, you are so incredibly fucked over and fucked up and yet we love you for it anyway. *hugs*

++ Papa Adama and Mama Roslin are fighting. *sad face* An excellent scene, might I add, because they are returning right back where they started with the distrust and not knowing if the other is going to be willing to do the right thing and whatnot, but hopefully they'll kiss (literally) and make up....right?

++ Boomer!! I was afraid they would neglect her character this season but it looks like they aren't. She's also switching her place again, turning against her own model. The other Eight looked pissed when she glared at Boomer. Wow. Which also gives light to what an Eight says from the character promos: "you pick your side and you stick, you don't cut and run when things get ugly!"

++ I was so afraid that Helo wouldn't trust Kara. I mean, c'mon, they're BFFs! You can't have HELO of all people not trust Kara, or at least have faith in her.

++ Tigh whoring out Tory was HILARIOUS. "You don't have to get on your back for him" and the implication of oral sex was so funny. XD

++ Going with that, Tory having sex with Gaius was kind expected though surprisingly I didn't think she'd actually go through with it. But once he started talking about music and the melodies you could see that, because of the song they all heard, her mind started reeling towards the possibility that Gaius Baltar may know more than he's letting on, and the only way to know what he knows is to get closer to him. I don't know if the crying during sex was part of that ploy or not, but at least she got a little piece of information. But this definitely puts more into her acceptance of her identity as a Cylon, as I suspect she's getting there.

++ The Baltar and head!Baltar conversation was utterly hilarious, as well. Pure comedy gold! I love how they're returning to Gaius' funny origins. I'm actually thinking about what this could mean -- if the head!Baltar and head!Six are jumping around mindfrakking people, which would really be a sight if they actually did meet together somehow -- but right now I'm just focusing on the funny. Though I do wonder, is it because Gaius is so full of himself, especially now that he has follows in his own female fangirl fanclub? IDK. Still, it's LOLtastic!!

++ Cavil watching an Eight dancing naked was...strange yet typical, for Cavil to be observant and for Eight to be naked on the baseship. I mean, she did naked Ti Chai last season, why not naked ballet? Also Cavil commenting on the Eight's breasts. Heh.

++ Oh, and Cavil's "SAY WHAT?!" was greatly delivered.

++ Note: Roslin attempt to shoot Kara, she actually shot the picture of her and Adama, cracking the glass in the middle. Very symbolic to their relationship as of this episode. Nicely done.

++ The ceremony for Lee was wonderful and emotional. The drunken going-away party to him leaving with everyone saluting him was a nice touch. Though Dee not very happy that he's leaving, which means their relationship is officially over. I am liking the parallels and comparisons of scenes with past scenes or reminescing of them. It's going to be REALLY REALLY sad when the series ends.

++ Racetrack stripping + Hot Dog shirtless = should happen EVERY episode. Srsly.

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