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BSG: "The Ties That Bind" Episode Review

Battlestar Galactica 4.03 "The Ties That Bind"

God-frakking-damn, that was dark.

Knowing that this is the last season they are really going all out with everything, aren't they? Edward James Olmos did say in an interview that this season is going to be extremely dark and it's going to get excruciatingly harder and harder to watch, and this show already pushes the envelope as it is. Because this is the final season they are pushing it even further and going out of their normal comfort zones and stepping over those boundaries. This makes me excited and scared for what's to come, especially to these characters which we all know and love. I have already began questioning the motives of certain characters who I had loved before and still love, but due to their recent actions makes me wonder what's in store for them for the duration of the season and their fates beyond it.

I think "The Ties That Bind" demonstrates how this season is going to be; an emotional rollercoaster and quite a mindfrakking windwhirl of a journey to where all these characters are now and how they're going to be in the end.

The Cylon Civil War: To Be Continued....

I am perhaps mostly invested with the Cylons this season because this is something that has intrigued me with their entire race. Their ways of government, their inner-workings in terms of agreement and this season explores the long-awaited approach to the conflicts between the humanoid models. It's interesting to me because they claim they want unity, they've been saying since the beginning that the Cylons are more superior to humans because they have a sense of belonging, a sense of placement and join together instead of separating. Well, this just contradicts that statement altogether. Obviously de-chipping the Centurions isn't the brightest idea and definitely is a threat to the humanoids because of how they've treated them, though committing genocide? That's twisted, even for the Cylons.

This kind of puts everything Caprica-Six and Boomer said -- remember, the "heroes of the Cylons" -- into the gutter. Then again, Boomer isn't much of an advocate here because she's constantly switching sides to find her place in survival. Interesting, how she betrays the humans and now she's betraying the other Eights. Huh.

They are becoming more human, and this is becoming a threat to them and now with the Centurions no longer taking orders by simple commands they'll probably turn on their advanced humanoid cousins. And I also believe Cavil knows more because why else would he not allow the Threes to be un-boxed, let alone want to commit genocide of their own race? He is aware that they are simply machines with nothing more than programming thus he acts accordingly; not treating them like living, breathing beings but as coroded pieces of software that needed to be executed for creating a disturbance. This could be an argument over whether the humanoids are indeed machine models or, because of their evolutionary advancement, are now becoming more and more human (e.g. reproduction of half-human, half-Cylon hybrids, etc.)

Either way, this should be interesting how it all plays out.

Playing With Politics: The Quorum of Lee Adama

Tom Zarek! Welcome back!

I liked the nteraction between Lee and Tom, particularly since they used to be on opposing sides and have gradually come together on a mutual understanding ground. This case being Laura's current condition and her behavior regarding everything surrounding the findings of Earth. I love Roslin, have and always will, though I agree with Tom that she has become too secretive and obsessing over her destiny. Much like Kara has been, and the parallels between them both -- and interestingly someone pointed out the parallels between her and Cavil, which I find fascinating in itself how the humans and Cylons are being connected by how they are personality-wise and their personal goals. They are both leaders in the search for Earth, both are gung-ho with their mission, and only one will be on the right track.

Of course Lee presenting the confidential documents at the conference certainly means that he believes that Zarek is right as well, and sees for himself the truth presented with Roslin's attempts to conceal evidence for her own purposes. I would like to see Lee rise to greater lengths, as much as I'll miss him as a viper pilot, because I do believe he can do amazing things with his mentality. And from the character preview of him, the "Legend or Leader" one, we see him being swore into something with Adama standing beside him. Will be become the next Vice President replacing Zarek? Or, because of Roslin's sickness, will he be appointed president? Hmmm, thinky-thoughts.

Overall, I like this new direction for Lee. He had always said that he wanted to be a lawyer or at least working with the law instead of being a pilot, and this season he'll get a chance to shine with his dream.

Mission Unaccomplished: Kara "not all there" Thrace and Her Special Destiny

I'm hurting for Kara, I really am. That scene with her and Sam and her lashing out harshly that she only married him because she felt it was the safest thing to do? Ouch. But that's typical Kara Thrace for you. She fraks up relationships and repairs it through sex, though I felt for Sam too because he truly wants her back and now believes that she may be a Cylon too. With her speech about her body being an alien thing and she's just living in it. That look he gave her was SO telling that he was connecting with her in that moment because he knows precisely what she means.

I liked Kara returning to her artistic roots, because that's how her "special destiny" was targeted in the first place. She's right though, she's not the same person; she can't identify the roadmap to Earth using maps or coordinates, she needs to feel, using her emotions and senses. She'd had enough with trying to explain with words to those who don't believe her, so she uses pictures, paintings. Artistically it's the only way to say a thousand words without saying anything at all, and I think in her mind painting what she sees and remembers in her head might convince the others, though I doubt it.

I HAS A THEORY: Someone mentioned that Kara looks sicker or weaker in the preview for next week, and their conclusion is that she is already dead and her body being foreign means that it's just the physical form while she's merely possessing it to lead the fleet to the promised land that is Earth. However, I have a different theory. I believe that Kara is connected with Earth, and the further away they get to it the more sicker and disoriented she becomes, thus having her going absolute batshit and wanting everyone to believe her. She doesn't understand why or how, again it's her intuition. She just knows, and how do you convince others that what you know or saw is true when you yourself don't know how you know? It's impossible, so while she is going nuts I think it's for a valid reason. Time is running out for them all, as this season clearly states.

Okay, so if Athena and Helo are with Kara's mission to find Earth, WHERE THE FRAK IS HERA? Seriously people, c'mon.

Identity Crisis: Airlocking A Bitch Never Seemed So Clear Before...

I can't believe they actually killed off Cally. I mean, it's obvious from the previews she was going to die, but the way it happened and the aftermath of it and the imagery it's

I've disliked Cally ever since she intentionally shot Boomer and have never cared for her character, though this show really brings forth the horribleness of what they can do to their own and even if you rooted for her death, the shock is still kind of overwhelming. It's like so horrible that you wished them dead, but her dying and the events leading up to her inevitable death was very well executed that I am thoroughly impressed. The filming of this episode especially was brilliant, really detailing Cally's downward spiral of paranoia and fear and her reaction to finding out that her husband is a Cylon, as is Tory and Tigh, was perfect. Also terrific acting by the actress, and it does make me empathize with the character a little because this was the best episode to really shine light on the character even if you disliked her. I mean, I guess you could say I would've cheered if her death was out of vengeance by, say, Boomer or Sharon or a Six perhaps. But this was dragged out from her POV, her dissolve into madness and paranoia revolving her initial fear of her husband being a Cylon and that her entire life of loving and caring for him had been a lie from the beginning. It all comes back to the beginning.

It was dark, cold, and just uncomfortable. That's how I like my BSG.

Speaking of cold, Tory was extremely cold in this episode. She is really embracing her nature as a Cylon, from her and Tyrol drinking in the bar and her confronting Cally. Whoa. She's accepting who she is rather than fighting or denying it, and it really says something. All four of them are just trying to figure things out, and I think after this incident Tyrol is going to have a big whiplash because he's already questioning himself and after seeing his character promo he's going to be SCARY after this. I mean, really truly scary as fuck.

Ironic, is it not? Tyrol just can never be happy with the women he loves. Cally shot Boomer, and now Tory airlocked Cally. Poor Chief. This is why I'm REALLY hoping for a Chief/Boomer reunion of sorts.

The Episode Squees!

++ I was extremely pleased with the filming of this episode in general. The shots, the camera work, the dissolving and fading and how everything just interconnected, it was done in truly an artistic form that I was amazed with it all. Especially with the shot of Sam talking up to Kara on the Demetrius ship, how we rarely saw her face until later in the episode. The same with showing of Cally's memories of her and the Cheif, of everything she'd known all those years to finally learning the truth; visually showing how she's spinning downward and her anger and frustrations and how she would be willing to kill herself and her child after all that. Just, whoa. Also Bear McCreary's theme for her was just haunting.

++ Cally's death scene. Never liked her and her death was something I think all fans wanted for the longest time now, though I think while it wasn't as justified as I wanted it the last shot of Cally being blown out into space via airlock and the closeup shot of her frozen face was just....disturbingly haunting.

++ Kara and Sam having angry!sex. Classic Kara Thrace solution, of course, but nevertheless majorly hot.

++ Lee needs to wear suits more often. Srsly.

++ Adama reading to Laura as she's getting her treatment. That was adorable. Though she's not really pleased with him for allowing Kara to have another alternative mission to find Earth, but I feel that that's going to be the case for a while now. Mama and Papa are still having tension regarding that no matter what happens.

++ Oh, Boomer. Boomer Boomer Boomer. That's all I'm going to say just....Boomer.

++ NATALIE! ILU! While I'm loving the Cylon plotline I really don't want the Sixs, Eights and Twos to die for real. Like, genocide is fucked up as it is with their twisted logic and beliefs of One True God, they can't possibly kill them off. Obviously there are many copies and while there are going to be many casualities there will be more, but I want Natalie to survive. She's made of awesome; her plans idealistic about unity and de-chipping the Centurions, but her intentions are for the best. NATALIE ILU COME BACK!


++ Is it wrong that I'm loving the darkness of Tory now that she's really acting more Cylon? Because she's just so cold and evil and it's awesome. I'm not sure how it'll play out because she's willing to do anything at this point, but I want more evil!Tory.

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