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There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief.

01. How much is BSG rocking this season? I mean it's only been the third episode and just, frakking A dudes. I'm still reeling from last night but believe me, conspiracy theories abound. Not going to spoil it for those who haven't seen it just, believe me, if you're expecting a happy-go-lucky season find it somewhere else -- or like EJO says, "don't watch this show" -- because BSG (like always) goes deeper and darker than ever here.

02. This just makes me sad. Honestly, how hard is it for people to grasp the simple concept that plagarism is wrong?

03. In the last stage of recovering from being sick. Stupid frakking post-nasaldrip and the stupid motherfrakking mucous that comes along with it. I have a feeling it could've been a cold mixed with allergies, which is the downside to spring. Hopefully I can actually eat something that doesn't create more unwanted yuckiness that irritates me.

04. Still working on one of my fanmixes which is kicking my ass regarding picking songs. I'm constantly going through my list of appropriate songs and narrowing them down to whether I should use them, if they match and fit the theme of the mix itself. See, I'm quite meticulous when it comes to choosing songs; the artwork sometimes can be just as tedious but it really depends on which one comes first. Sometimes I already have a tracklist in my mind and it's perfect, but the coverart is a different story altogether. Other times the coverart is what starts it all, and it's a matter of picking and choosing the right-fitting songs to go with it.

05. Yeah, there is no #5 I want a Number Six though, kind of irrelevent so nevermind. I have nothing else to report and just wanted to complete this with a list of five things. I'm not even sure why. Heh.
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