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You're nobody until you're talked about.

Okay, so I missed half of the episode because I lost track of time, but luckily with recaps from others and checking in for the last thirty minutes I was able to put it all together, so here's the verdict:


Blair. My poor Blair, losing her status and having to regain it all back one scheme at a time. I felt so horrible for her in the end when her plan to win back the respect she deserved backfired. I seriously hope Blair lays the smackdown on her. Like with what Leighton said in an interview, I want more bitchy!Blair. I want her nastiness to come out already, although with the descriptions of her and Serena you can't deny their cuteness. So Blair is a bitch, but with purpose, and I applaud her attempts to at least regain what she had, but I think it'll take more than revealing the truth about Jenny bit. DON'T WORRY BLAIR, ILU! ♥

Jenny is just....way out of her league. STOP PRETENDING TO BE SOMEONE YOU ARE NOT. You don't have the money, you don't have the eye for fashion or designers, you can't live that lifestyle if you don't know what it takes, so sit down and shut the fuck up. Seriously. Like, you didn't think people wouldn't know you stole that dress? IT'S A ONE OF A KIND, BITCH. Y'know, as much as I think you're pretty and have potential you should really listen to your father and brother, you can do so much better if you weren't doing the shit you were doing. Also? Stop trying to up-one on Blair -- you know she can kick your ass. Oh, so you brought Nate to Butters to win back the popularity you think you have. Whoopty-freaking-doo! Still doesn't erase the fact that you stole an expensive/valuable designer dress, cried/whined about not being accepted and "trying so hard!!11one" to fit in, then sneak out of the house to meet up with Nate saying that you didn't want to be alone on your birthday and pull a stunt like that? Hell to the fucking no.

Wow, that was longer than I anticipated. Let me just say this: I get peer pressure, believe me I've been there and done that. But Jenny should've learned from this experience instead of trying to become someone she isn't only to be accepted. Sorry sweetcakes, that ain't gonna fly. Blair was only trying to teach you a lesson, and now? You're on her Blacklist of Bitches She Needs To Fuck Up.

The Chuck and Serena stuff, as much as I'd seen of the episode anyway, was interesting. I like her being all up in Chuck's face like that. Though I did feel horrible for Chuck and, honestly, that last scene with him being nice with Serena was very sweet. I admit I was all "awww" there because you don't see Chuck like that very often, and it seems like he genuinely seemed to care about Serena's little problem which will escalate soon.

Dan. Oh Dan, you shouldn't be trying to be nice to Jenny. The ice cream was a nice gesture, really it was -- and who wouldn't so "no" to an ice cream outting, especially with someone as kind as Dan when shit hits the fan? -- but Jenny is just in her bitchery mode of "I WANNA BE POPULAR" therefore is not going to take nice gestures. Good try, though.

I can't wait for Georgia to arrive. OMG MICHELLE TRATCHENBERG OMG.

P.S., I REALLY WANT THAT RED DRESS. Similar to a particular Six!dress, no?

In conclusion, Blair is teh awesome and cute and I'm glad to see her back on my screen! MISSED YOU BB!
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