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Art imitates life, and vice versa.

FOX renews The Sarah Connor Chronicles for a second season. HELL to the YEAH, bitches!

I'm not even going to get into what's been happening in the latest wank that has arisen amongst bloggers, which I assume many have read or heard about by now. But I will say this: I believe that our society should allow people to embrace and not be ashamed of sexuality, that we shouldn't be raised into thinking that our bodies are shameful and that sex is a disgusting act, or even artful nudity should be something we avert our eyes from. Sexual assault/harassment, however, should never permitted nor should it ever be glorified as something to enhance sexual desires for whatever purpose or reason. This is why that action has and will always be unaccepted in society because it is ethically and morally wrong and there is no justifications for it. End of story.

Onward to less upsetting news, last night I watched The Blair Witch Project.

Okay, I know it's not the greatest movie and it's obviously fake and lame or whatever, but I can't help but love it. When it came out I was fooled like everyone else that it was an actual documentary, until it was confirmed it wasn't. Looking back, that was a real creative way of marketing to get people to talk about it and go see it. I actually like these kinds of horrors because while you didn't see anything other than the sounds, it's basically the psychological aspect that creeps you the fuck out afterwards. We fear what we can't see, which is why many people are afraid of the dark because, while in reality we know nothing is there, we can't see our surroundings and our minds start playing tricks on us. It's all built up on the fear within us, and that's what I loved about TBWP and they did a stellar job at creating that atmosphere, even if it wasn't typical scary for those who like gruesome/gorey kinds of horror films. Pssh, whatev, psychological thrillers rule dudes. C'mon!

And of course, because I am such a horror junkie I had to watch it at night and much like SPN I have to turn off all the lights to do so, and afterwards I double-check the locks on the doors and windows. Yeah, that's me.

Speaking of which, new SPN TOMORROW! It's been like what, eight weeks since "Jus In Bello" aired or something like that? You'd think I'd be going through withdrawals by now but I haven't been, which is surprising. But that's because I have other fandoms to squee over, and that squeeing continues because tomorrow we get our boys back! Yay!

Also, could there be more Natalie icons in the BSG fandom, please? She's kickass and I'm surprised that nobody has any decent ones other than the new one I have. Which, GIP!
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