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SPN: "Ghostfacers" Episode Review

That "Ghostfacers" song is going to be on repeat for the rest of the night. Oh boy.

I honestly think this was a very original thing for the show to do, with the different camera angles and the head-camera gear. I had flashbacks to BtVS with Andrew doing his "reality show" with Buffy and the Scoobies, because this totally had the same vibe. Y'know, geeks trying to investigate and do all sorts of wacky things when such incidents are serious. Like on one hand you're laughing out loud at some of the things they're doing -- in a serious parody of Ghost Hunters -- and kind having the expressions of Sam or Dean and roll your eyes as how unprofessional and amateurish they're being. But nevertheless hilarious.

My favorite parts were definitely the beginning, when the two geeks were overdramatizing their introduction to the hour of the show, and giddified their geekiness were despite having the inexperience or professionalism, and when Sam and Dean pop up. "Oh fuck me." XD Of course, their cursing was bleeped out, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT because it's so realistic to how the boys WOULD react in such situations. Especially Dean. Dean saying "fuck" and flipping off the camera would TOTALLY be his character. I loved him doing that and being completely annoyed with all of them and the cameras. Priceless.

The ending was bittersweet, and I'm also happy that Sam and Dean rigged the dufflebag so it would erase the evidence so those knuckleheads wouldn't reveal it to the world. They're geeks with a passionate heart, but sometimes it's better to leave the unknown left alone. The Winchesters know this better than anyone else.

Also, that whole "gay love saves the day" line? MADE OF AWESOME. It really did too. Aww, that intern was sweet, kind of awkward but sweet and I was sad that he died that way, but having him being remembered in that way was nicely played.

ETA: AAANNNNDD they mentioned the writer's strike! That's like, really ballsy for our show to do, even if it were from the geeky dweeds, but of COURSE they would mention it. Nice shout-out there. It was like "hey, you thought the last one was the end....WRONG SUCKERS! THIS IS A COMEBACK OF SPN BITCHES!" XD XD

Dudes, I'm not sure if that's actually John or if it's a trick or not, but still....OMGOMGOMG!!

Here's my prediction: Since I know nothing about any upcoming episodes, AND DO NOT SPOIL ME IF YOU KNOW, I think that John, having been released from Hell in the end of S2, is communicating to the boys from beyond the grave and therefore wants to talk with Dean. I'm very curious as to what he knows, because he does say "why'd you do it" and I think he means making that deal (which, he only has two months left?? Oh, Dean...) Though previews often times are incorrect to what the episode is really about or reveal too much, I do wonder whatever "secret" John has to relay to Dean or Sam. Perhaps something involving Sam's destiny in this war or whatever. Or perhaps something that could help Dean out from the deal? IDK. Just, GAH!

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