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BSG: "Escape Velocity" Episode Review

Battlestar Galactica 4.04 "Escape Velocity"

While not entirely as action-packed with events as the others, I felt this episode was a great stepping stone for what's to come in this season. With the mixture of the radical religious groups (those who believe in the One True God and those who believe in the Lords of Kobol), the dividing line of what is right in regards to the political arc and conflict between Lee and Roslin, the mutiny that's going to appear on the Demetrius with who's going to believe Kara and her Special Destiny and who isn't, along with the internal struggles of the four of the final five and how they're dealing with their identities.

They are really setting up the darker aspects of our characters and their storylines, never knowing who to trust or which side is the right one. These lines are very blurred and I think they're doing a stellar job in creating a dark and crazy atmosphere for everyone, human and Cylon alike.

Humans and Cylons: Different Yet Alike In So Many Ways

Perhaps one of the things that intrigues me is the switching of sides. The humanoids are becoming more human mentally while some humans are becoming more Cylon-like in their actions. It's quite scary but fascinating how it's going to be hard to tell one side from the other; it's not simply Good or Evil, because there is good and evil in everything and everyone, whether machine or human, it's just the matter of knowing yourself and your own morality. We've seen the humanoid Cylon models having a mind of their own, their own independence despite their programming of sticking together and having a collective mindset with their entire model line. We've seen it before in individual Cylon characters, and recently it's that dividing line that places the Cylons into a civil war. So it really goes to show that the Cylons are becoming more human in the way of living, in discovering their own identities while the four of the final five are just discovering theirs. Quite an revolutionary step.

My favorite bits of this episode is how each of the Four are dealing with their newfound identities. It seems that Tigh is going to Caprica-Six's cell daily for a checkup, though there's more to those visits than denying her requests. He wants to know more about her workings without revealing himself, because he wants to know that even if they're machines they can still have the same emotions, the same feelings and be who they once were instead of giving into that other nature entirely. I think he should contact Boomer for that, if anything else. Tory seems to have embraced her nature entirely and Sam is believing that Kara is the fifth of their group and is holding onto that piece of hope to hold onto his sanity.

Tyrol, on the other hand, is going to go into a downward spiral because of Cally everything else. His outburst in the episode was unlike him and yet what he said was true, and I felt so horrible for him because he's struggling and trying to understand and believe that he isn't just some programmed machine. That he is a man, he is imperfect and makes mistakes and everything that he'd discovered about himself is just one of those flaws.

I truly am loving these darker paths for these characters in general. It's fascinating and heartbreaking to watch because it really makes us question ourselves and what darkness lies within humanity. Tory is one example in particular, because she's using her identity as a scapegoat for her to do these things, to get rid of the pain and the guilt. She's not human, therefore doesn't identify herself as one. It's so much easier that way I think, for her to cope with understanding and acknowledging who she is rather than deny it altogether. Pain and guilt is nonexistent if you push everything else you once knew aside, and instead of pretending she's not a Cylon she's pretending she's not human. This is why we're seeing a whole different side to Tory; she's fully becoming what her true nature is, while the rest are trying to find out their own ways. Which is why I find her ways interesting. Aside from being very head!Six-like with Baltar something I'm wondering why head!Six isn't popping up from behind her or him saying "look, this one here is exactly like me if you know what I mean" or getting angry with him, I do like how Tory has changed, and it makes sense.

This is quite longish than I'd wanted it to be, but I'm intrigued with their storylines because I like the exploration each of them are going through with discovering themselves and how they'll manage to survive knowing what they know, and how they're going to hide it from everyone else and what their purpose is. Because being triggered entering that nebula obviously means something.

Gaius Baltar: "I AM an instrument of God..."

Religious wars are very interesting to me, because it's about converting others to believe in an entity that you believe is the "right" or the "one true god" whereas all other entities in the world that people worship are false idols and doing whatever you can do preach the word of your god to everyone and spread the word of these beliefs, and radical groups will do whatever it takes to do just that.

The concept of religion has always been present in BSG since the beginning, and primarily the ideas and the spirituality has always been contrieved between Six and Gaius; Six being an "angel of God" to protect, love and guide Gaius, a man of science who hadn't an ounce of a belief system of invisible entities. However through the course of the series he has learned through many incidents that power of God, and it's not like he was forced to believe in it. He had many encounters of unexplainable events happen to him to make him question and wonder about the existence in God, and in season four we see him really relishing in this belief and that there may be something for him. With this newfound fangirl cult that worships him, he's able to use them as part of his destiny or what he'll become later on.

I have theories in regard to Gaius and where it all might lead, and some theories about head!Six and the spirituality/belief system/faith in the BSG universe in general, but that'll have to wait until another day. This is getting too lengthy as it is.

The Episode Squees!

++ Okay, while Tyrol was ranting at Adama in the bar I loved him for saying that he still loves Boomer. He didn't directly state this, but he clearly loved her that after discovering she were a Cylon the "buried his head in the sand" and went to Cally, because she was incidentally there and needed someone to turn to and that's how it went. But he still loved Boomer and will always love her, no matter what. PLEASE PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF THE LORDS OF KOBOL AND THE CYLON GOD, LET THERE BE A CHIEF/BOOMER REUNION! I DON'T CARE HOW IT HAPPENS I WANT IT TO HAPPEN, MKAYS??!

++ The back-and-forth hallucination of Ellen and Six was freaky but awesome. Really gives light to what Tigh is going through, though it's really sending Caprica some really mixed messages as to what Tigh really wants from her. Though that ending

++ Also, did Tigh tend to Tyrol's baby? Or was I imagining it? Because it certainly looked like they implied it.

++ I KNEW that was a wig on Laura! Not sure how I feel about it, but because of her cancer her real hair is falling out (as seen in the previous episode), it makes sense.

++ Tory being dominating with Gaius was quite interesting. Just her getting to know more about herself and experimenting with her newfound strength, something that Gaius commented on. That whole bit of plucking his hair out one by one was kind of funny, and then she went all down and dirty and it was like "oookayy Tory". Heh.

++ Religious wars! Inspiring monologues! Head!Six glancing over at smiley!Tory in the end! Head!Six encouraging Gaius! Whee!

++ I really liked the way Cally's funeral was, very pretty. I like the alters and the figures sitting on the table and everything about it.

++ "You're perfect...we were made to be perfect."
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