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It's fate calling to me.

I finally own both seasons of Tru Calling on DVD. I'm actually surprised it took me this long to get it, but I'm not complaining since I just rediscovered my love for this show. And Eliza, because she's gorgeous and hot and talented and awesome. Yes. Last night I popped in the first disc and watched to the second episode where MICHAEL TRUCCO guest-stars. Seeing him and Eliza together on my screen, I'm surprised the DVD didn't burn up from their hotness alone. Seriously. Needless to say I loved his character, not unlike Anders which is okay, though it makes me wish his character lasted longer into the rest of the series. Obviously because I'm shallow, but I think he would've been good for Tru for various reasons. Why, oh why did this show get cancelled?

This has me more excited for Dollhouse, since I can't wait to see what Eliza has in store for Echo.

And now the plotbunnies have me thinking of possible ways for a Heroes and Tru Calling crossover. I know, the parallels of fandoms can be found almost everywhere, but the mythological arcs of both series seem to have certain similarities, the same way I see BSG as well.
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