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Supernatural 3.14 "Long-Distance Call"

Y'know, I'm not much of a phone person in general and this episode has me more jittery about answering my calls. That being said, they did a good job with presenting the suspense on that front. Which is something SPN hasn't done very often, being the mysterious and omnious cases involving a supernatural being. Not that I don't enjoy their monsters of the week and gruesome deaths and whatnot, but the feel seemed like it was going back to S1, suspense-wise.

Dean. Oh, my poor Dean. Okay, some people are wondering why on earth would he, of all people, would automatically assume that the call from directly from John beyond the grave. Understandably, with his year running out Dean is willing to believe anything at this point, and you've got to admit that even hunters can be gullible. But that's why he has Sam there, to really ground him through this whole ordeal. I knew that Sam would object and seeing his face of "I don't know" and Dean's desperation of wanting so hard for the voice on the other line to be their was truly heartbreaking. Yes, Dean shouldn't have been so gung-ho that it would be him but, consider the circumstances and situation he's in, I would be surprised that he wouldn't have that kind of blind faith in hearing John's voice again. Because that is Dean, he loves his dad and all that. I think on some level he knew it was irrational and possibly a trick, but he wanted to believe so badly he was willing to risk everything based on that little bit of faith.

Although, being hunters, they should consider and cover all grounds of possibilities. There could've been a chance that it was John reaching out to the boys, but there's also that part where it's a dog-eat-dog demon world out there and all those supernatural creatures wanting to get Sam and Dean. Especially with this upcoming war. But I don't blame Dean for his desperation. Hell, I wanted it to be Papa Winchester too, because I've missed him.

The ending was incredibly sweet, heartbreaking and angsty. Oh boys, I heart you two so much yet you break my heart every time. But it's nice to see Dean cracking with his old humor again. That last bit was lovely. And them sharing a beer and watching television together!

"What did he sound like?"
"Like Oprah!"

That vidcam reflection on the computer screen was incredibly freaky. I would've been freaked out too, and good girl for calling Sam immediately after that incident happened. I liked her. I've missed those per-episode-chicks that commune and connect with the Winchesters. And she commented on the rental car and Sammy's suit! Haha. Which reminds me, they're really suiting up this season like...a lot. Is this their new thing? I missed them going rogue and just popping up in leather and whatnot. I guess this is more professional and believable to talk with others who wouldn't suspect them.

YAY for the return of! Continuity FTW.

That squabble between Sam and Dean in the beginning about their trust issues was like, whoa. Angst-ridden all around, boys. I was wondering when they would get to that, and I still am wondering if Sam ever told Dean the rest of what he knew or if that's just an unspoken thing between them. And uh-oh, Dean told Sam about Ruby telling him that she cannot reverse the deal. I wonder what's going to happen regarding that.


SPN, why are there only two episodes left? Seriously, why? I know we're getting a fourth season and I'm grateful for that, I really am, but two episodes...we just came back. We need our weekly Winchester fix dudes, c'mon. And Ruby, because she's made of kickass awesome sauce.
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