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Phalanges! Phalanges! Dancing phalanges!

It's taking longer than expected, but I've been revising my review for the latest BSG episode as I'm rewatching and it should be up by tomorrow night. There's so much this season is offering, many questions and reveals that has me thinking and that I want to write about; theories, thoughts, wild speculations. Those will come in due time because honestly, this season of BSG is made of win and squee that ignoring to discuss it all would be a crime.

I'm also planning on writing about some important subjects and topics some time this month, so stay tuned for them.

Also, a surprise came to me the other day where I stumbled across some spoilerish pictures for the upcoming SPN finale featuring one of our favorite kickass black-eyed ladies. THINKY-THOUGHTS, PEOPLE! I know nothing of what's happening, but the gears are turning in this here mind of mine.

Okay, this totally is Namie's year because she's collaborating with DOUBLE for their new single "BLACK DIAMOND" (preview song/PV here). OMGHOLYSHIT ME WANTS NAO, MKAYS! Personal preference: I like DOUBLE's voice and I love any kind of collaboration with Namie like could there be a Kuu or BoA or SOULHEAD or even Mika Nakashima collab anytime soon in the future, plz, but Namie FUCKING OWNS this song. This is her year, with her 60s/70s/80s single and now this hot song. Holy fucking shit, my girl is on FIRE.
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