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BSG: "The Road Less Travelled" Episode Review

Battlestar Galactica 4.05 "The Road Less Travelled"

The tensions run high on the Demetrius, where Leoben magically appears to deliever more about Kara's destiny and help her along while the crew are getting antsy and planning a mutiny over Crazy Kara Thrace's suicide-mission to find Earth. Sam and Leoben have a small talk concerning everything that is connected and brought together by faith, leaving him intriuged and possibly frightened by this new revelation. Meanwhile on Gaius Baltar's Crazy Religious Cult Extravaganza, where he continues to sex up Tory and spew off his guiding advice regarding the One True God to his faithful believers (and those who are just now beginning to believe), Tyrol is going batshit over Cally's death and trying to figure things out. In the end starting to make sense over Baltar's words, whether he truly does believe or not, it's the beginning of a self-discovery for everyone.

Welcome to Battlestar Galactica, where crazy becomes crazier and everything is connected, swimming in the streams, you know the drill.

Mutiny Amongst The Demetrius: Special Destinies Need Not Apply

It was inevitable that there was going to be trouble with the crew aboard the Demetrius, they've been argumentative since the last time we saw them. Of course spending at least three weeks on a garbage ship, going around in circles on the hunch of someone who'd been presumed dead for two months in order to find Earth is bound to have people questioning. It's also interesting because it seemed that the only people who still had faith or stayed loyal to Kara even with everyone else was saying she was loony toons was Helo and Sam. Obviously Helo is her best friend and, even though I'm sure he had his doubts, stayed with her ideas and continued to stand by her side. Sam, obviously being her husband and loving her no matter what is a given, but also, given that tidbit on his faithfulness towards her, is that he needs her to love him no matter what because of what he is. He hasn't told her and he wants to prove to her that he'll stand by her regardless. Which is probably why I love both Helo and Sam so much.

But then, in the end due to the stakes being risen and the death of one of their crew members (RIP Methias) Helo had to make a call. Now this is where everything starts going down, because you can see it in Helo's face that he doesn't want to disobey or distrust Kara's word but, with the odds against them with this mission and her obsession, he had to make that call, mutiny or no. This isn't going to go down well, as the preview for next week shows us.

Leoben Conoy: The Bringing of Faith

First of all, let me just say I was extremely gleeful to see Leoben again. Like, seriously.

His interaction with both Kara and Sam was beyond what I was hoping for. Hell, I didn't even think he and Sam were going to get deep and philosophical so that was a bonus. I've always loved the connected that he and Kara had, as messed up and twisted as it is, I truly believe that Leoben knows her better than anyone. Her destiny, what's in store for her, everything. But it goes back and forth, you know? Can we really trust him or is he playing with their heads? Though why would he be lying if half their basestars are gone and there's an internal war amongst the Cylons? This is where gut-feelings take over, especially for Kara who knows that she's been to Earth yet it's unexplainable how. Out of everyone there, Leoben is the only one that knows about her destiny and can help her fulfill it, whatever this destiny is.

The conversation between him and Sam, though, was really interesting. Given that fact that Leoben knew Sam back on Caprica, as in knowing the C-Bucks and his positions and everything. It's also been revealed that our Samuel T. Anders was quite a jock star on Caprica, which out here in the black in the midst of the war is meaningless. But this means something if Leoben is getting inside Sam's head...and his message to Sam about faith and destiny, and that he and Kara making up is a good thing because they aren't meant to be enemies. Just, whoa. The whole dialogue piece between them was wonderfully structured and, even though the Leobens mix lies with truth you really do want to believe what he's saying. Not only because of what's happening within the Cylons and the humans, but also because of the Final Five and their identities. The Leobens are one of the models that believe in finding out their origins so it'll be interesting.

Though I'm worried about Leoben, because in next week's preview Selix talks about airlocking. I hope that they don't airlock Leoben, because who knows how many Leobens are left.

Faith, Religion, and Absolution: When Believing Gaius Baltar's Words Leads To More Questioning Of Oneself

I actually had this whole thing written up, but it was a little tl;dr and I'd prefer that be saved for when I discuss the connections of religion and faith and humanity in BSG for another post (which I am planning on doing eventually, don't worry!) I just felt the need to say that I am intrigued by the proclaimed religious cult following in Baltar's words of the One True God, even if it's crazier than crazy. But it really brings the dividing line within the fleet that is most important and a common theme for this season in general.

However, this episode wasn't the prime focus on that. It was more focused on Tyrol and how he's dealing with himself and post-Cally's death and how he learns to accept at least something to believe in.

It's basically saying that Tyrol is lost, he has lost his path and even though Tigh said when they all discovered their true identities that they must live like they used to, be the people they were, Tyrol can never get passed feeling the ounce of guilt concerning Cally's death. We know that he's never been a religious man, he doesn't have any faith in the Gods or even a singular God in particular. Not that this is saying not having faith is bad, because it can be drawn out in a lot of different ways. Tyrol is at a deadend, not knowing where he belongs, whether he's supposed to accept his nature as a Cylon or continue living the lie and the guilt and shame for allowing Cally to slip further and further away from him, leading to her death. So why Baltar, of all people? Simply put: Baltar is speaking something from the heart, and whether you love or hate him Tyrol needed something to pick himself up. He doesn't need to believe in Baltar personally, he just needs a pick-me-up after all he's suffered and is still suffering from.

This is part of his journey, and it's all in the matter of how he handles it. Gaius is a man everyone loves to hate, or just simply hates, but in the midst of everything the words he speaks, being so charismatic about them, it speaks to these people. As it did Tyrol, he was drawn there for a reason and how this is going to play out will definitely be an interesting reveal.

The Dividing Lines: Friends And Enemies Are A Blur

What's interesting is that this season is exploring the separation of all sides; the Cylons have their civil war, the fleet is being parted between those who believe in the Lords of Kobol and the One True God, and the mutiny aboard the Demetrius. It's all inevitable because this is how life works. Not all one side is good or evil and not one side has the same opinions and views, thus leading for more destruction before reaching the promised land. And even then, we don't know if these wars will cease to be. I don't want it too, since that would be too easy, but I also would like resolutions to certain problems without actually solving them, if you know what I'm talking about.

The prophecy says that they will find Earth, but will the pain and misery end there? Or will it just be the beginning because of it being a revolution on both sides? This is something I want to discuss further later on, because it's a fascinating way of looking at the end of the series.

The Squees of the Episode

++ Fingerpainting!Kara has definitely got to be the best. I love how when Helo enters her quarters that he sees all that she's painted, and he kind of looks halfway concerned and scared for the moment. Because this new obsession for her has gone off the deep end, but I'm glad they're revisiting her artistic roots. She's similar to Isaac Mendez in Heroes; that obsession with prophecizing, using these maps as markers to what is going to happen or what she's planning on going towards and finding. Also, the parallels between her and Roslin is so uncanny.

++ Helo in general. I love Helo, and I love that while everyone was making fun of "Crazy Starbuck" and not believing in her that he stayed by her side for that long, supporting her right along with Sam. You can tell he was very worried about her and didn't want to okay certain things, but he believed her as a friend should. But in the end we see that his conflictions of going with her plan and risking their lives and what he truly believes is the right thing to do. Classic Helo, who I love. While I WANT them all to believe her, it's understandable the way she's been acting and how she returned that they would think her plans are suicide and reckless. You can see the pain on Helo's face when he refuses and relieves her of her duty. Oh, Helo.

++ Anders, Anders, Anders. ILU.

++ And, um, LEOBEN ILU2BB!! I loved his interaction with Kara, as usual, and I loved his interaction with Sam because, holy shit that was awesome.

++ Props to Bear McCreary on this episode, much like "The Ties That Bind" with Cally's theme music, I loved the omnious music played on certain scenes; the one when Tory is talking with Tyrol in the airlock and when Leoben is chatting with Sam, and near the end where everything is about the hit the fan. Awesome work, Bear. Of course, his stuff always rocks the house but these especially made the episode for me.

++ Um, where is Roslin and Adama???

++ I'm kind of LOLing at Gaius' robes there. I knew it was coming from the promo pictures, but still it's kind of hilarious actually seeing him in them.

++ I think we should start doing a body count this season, 'cause the count has risen like whoa. Well, they did say many are dying in the final season. *prays that Hotdog and Racetrack will be safe*


++ Shaved!head!Tyrol is frightening, but in a good kind of way. It shows that he's changing, and that you are never completely sure what's going on in his mind. Though I'm wondering about Tory, and why she's protecting herself and lying to him about what she did to Cally. Of course to save her own ass, but because they are "in this together" means they can tell each other anything. Huh.
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