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Baby, the bitch is back.

I hope everyone had a lovely Cinco de Mayo, for those who celebrated.

Concerning my health, I am recovering graciously. I'm still a little tender but I don't have to do the daily pain medications unless the pain goes beyond tolerable. It did a little yesterday but since then I haven't had much problems. In about a few more weeks I expect to be 100% back to normal. One would hope, anyway.

Gossip Girl 1.16 "All About My Brother"

First off, I was spoiled for Serena's big dark secret in the end. But that nevertheless made it even more stunning than I'd anticipated, and it was just the way it was played out by both Serena, disoriented and lost, and Blair, the concerned and comforting bestie. It's more shocking than you'd expect from this kind of show, but I'll get to that in a minute.

The outting of Eric was kind of surprising, since I didn't expect that at all! But how it was done was very sad.

But what really made this episode for me, obviously, is the Blair versus Jenny competition and how Blair completely trumps Little J. It was obvious who was going to win because, while you got to give Jenny props for keeping in the game this long, Blair can and will ruin your life if you choose to go that route with her. The competing with each other would've gotten old really quickly, so I'm glad they ended it the way they did, landing Blair back on top. However, I disliked how Jenny just returned to be the "better person" in the end with her statement of not wanting to be like Blair. Honey, no matter how hard you tried you could never rise to the awesomeness that is Blair Waldorf. Trufax, sweetie.

IMO, Blair is the better person above them all because even with the sending of the rumored tips about each other she didn't want to send the last one because it involved Eric, someone she cares about. Even if it would totally destroy Jenny she didn't do it, until Eric said she could, and when he gave her that greenlight she didn't hesitate. That's the main difference between Blair and Jenny -- Blair actually has compassion and dignity whereas Little J just wants the popularity and will do anything to achieve it, including disrespecting her family and these so-called girls she considered her "friends". That is what really irritates me about Jenny overall, is that she didn't THINK about these consequences, and really thought that high society lifestyle was going to be handed to her on a silver plater. You have to earn that right, Little J, and not by petty lying and think you can squeeze passed those detectors. Blair was right, there is a high price to pay to being in that life, and you just got the taste of it.

So yes, the bitch is back and finally reclaimed her rightful spot on her throne. BLAIR ILU BB! Also? LOVED her outfit during the last half of the show, so fabulous on her.

I actually am liking Georgina, believe it or not. She's that kind of character you love to hate, and I think Michelle is doing a stellar job at playing a merciless bitch. And see, there are different kinds of bitches. Blair is THE bitch, whereas Georgina is A bitch; Blair won't mess with you unless you threat her territory or those who she cares about, but Georgina gets the thrill with being mean to others and doesn't care who gets caught in the crossfire either way. MAJOR DIFFERENCE, and this is why I like that.

Random note: See, why couldn't Kristen Bell have played Elle like that on Heroes? Manipulative and just a mean bitch, instead of that stupid childish!slutty behavior she did that annoyed the fuck outta me. Moreover, why can't KBell just STOP WITH THE FUCKING VO FOR GG?!?! SHE BUGS! Just get someone else to do it, because I cringe every time I hear her voice, ugh. I know I keep complaining about it, but seriously she really bugs the hell out of me with those voiceovers. I'm like WE GET WHAT'S GOING ON!!!

Okay, now time for the big reveal: Serena killing someone was an excellent misdirection for what it could've been. Predictably a sex tape which would've been cliche even for GG. But seeing her so distraught over it, and her telling Blair in confidence (because they are Besties Forever, didn'tya know) was I knew it was coming but, the dramatics for that last scene was kind of amazing. They did go overboard a little but I'm sure that was meant to happen, because we have Georgina threatening and teasing Serena, playing her and here she is trying not to make a big deal out of something and not upset Dan and ending up being all alone and the only person she can trust is Blair. Just, OMG.

But seriously, this really adds to the fucked up nature of their lives. Eric came out while Serena supposedly murdered someone. Oh man, that's gotta be something.


I kind of missed Bones because both of these shows are on at the same time (damn them for putting my fandoms at the same timeslot), but I'll get to it eventually.
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