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Just because this meme has been circulating everywhere I glance, I felt that it was my turn to return to favor to those that I have responded to on their questionnaires. In other words, I am keeping my promises to those that I said I would post this when I made my next entry.

Without further ado:

1. When did you first "friend" me?

2. Why did you first "friend" me?

3. What posts of mine do you like to read the best?

4. What would you like me to write about that I don't?

5. Do you think we would be friends in real life?

6. How often do you read my journal?

7. What do we have in common?

8. Will you post this in your journal so I can answer?

9. If I were an HP character, who would I be?

If you wish to respond to this you are welcome to. If not, that's fine also. I'm not going to hound anyone on this. Just figured it would be something fun to do. Heh, I'm easily amused.
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