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BSG: "Faith" Episode Review

Battlestar Galactica 4.06 "Faith"

This? Probably one of the best episodes thus far in the season.

Breaking up the mutiny aboard the Demetrius with the decision of having Kara and a few others take the raptor to the damaged basestar with Leoben in order to see if what he'd been telling Kara was right, we find that the Cylons are mixed with emotions after all that's happened while still wanting an alliance to find Earth together with the humans. We see Athena going back and forth between her Cylon sisters, Sam wanting to discover himself but still staying loyal to Kara and the fleet, and acts of mercy amongst the Cylons that make us wonder more of their psychology and growing humanity. We also see Laura Roslin painfully undergoing a sense of epiphany regarding her faith or what she believes in.

Like I said, best episode so far. And this is just the beginning. Who knows what's in store for future episodes to come, and for the epic ending to this incredible series? Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself but, seriously people! BSG has been rocking my socks off.

Mutinies and Allies: The Pathway to Kara Thrace's Special Destiny Becomes Clear(er)...

Beginning where we left off -- obsessive!Kara and the mutining Demetrius crew -- shit had hit the fan and everything was going awry until Anders shot Gaeta painfully in the leg (as it was really painful to watch because, OH NOES GAETA!) It's not until this moment that the mutiny had died down and everyone was once again joined together because someone had gotten injured, by none other than their own. Of course Kara doesn't stay angry at Sam for very long because I think in the midst of that happening she started to understand that Helo had been right. Going together would've been too risky and she decided to take a few with her and Leoben to the basestar and see if things were as they believed they were regarding this alliance before returning back with that basestar in tow. In this piece of rational agreement, we see that they have limited time before joining back with the fleet.

This makes things more interesting because once they'd all see crazy!Starbuck not so crazy and actually thinking rationally for a change, and I think it was because of Gaeta getting shot and everything going down all at once that Kara started to realize that it was all too much too soon to be entering in a suicide mission. Sane!Kara is always a good thing, which is what we haven't seen lately and, while I'm rooting for her, I'm glad she was able to see passed her destiny and think of others first.

I loved her taking control, how she tried to persuade Sam and how she interacted with Natalie and the other surviving Cylons on the basestar, and her reaction to the Hybrid before and after the prophecy was being told. Everything about Kara in this episode was love. And I particularly loved her giddiness when discovering the "comet" being the basestar. It was like she couldn't believe that it was there and she'd been right all along, and it was all yayomg! with her. I loved that moment (that and both Sam and Leoben tending to her together, but that's for a later squee).

But now we have the alliances between humans and Cylons, or the beginning of, which is going to be KICKASS OMG. That moment between Kara and Natalie putting the Hybrid's words together was awesome, as was Sam's "oh shit" look when mentioning the Final Five. Hee.

Athena's Journey: From Traditionalist to Individualist

We also see the loyalty of Athena, which has been neglected from previous episodes. I read somewhere that there was more explanation on her presence aboard the crew and her being accepted as one of them and not treated differently because she was a Cylon, but was cut out for some particular reason. I have strong feelings about that, but moving on to this episode this weighed heavily on her as her dedication to Helo and the fleet to those of her own race, who she long ago departed from to be alongside the humans.

Her reaction to her other copies, her sisters as it were, was interesting to see. It's like she wants nothing to do with them, but is conflicted because the sides have all been disjointed because of this civil war.

That scene with the dying Eight, well, that was cold to say the least but in her mind she was no longer part of them. Interesting how it was Sam that comforted that Eight while Athena just hesitated and looked away when her sister was calling out for her forgiveness. I know some are wondering what this means, but Athena's already been kind of conflicted between herself and where she originates from, though it would've been nice to see her show compassion to her Eight sister like she did in "A Measure of Salvation".

Cylon Psychology: Lessons of Humanity From Machines

An intriguing thing that came out of this episode is the psychological aspect of the Cylons and how human they've become. Aside from the civil war that's broken out between them, separating the models to turn against their own, there's the individuality of them. Sharon was the first, they continue to say this, she was the first the defy their original plan. They're not just mindless machines that following orders through programming, not anymore at least.

That scene between Natalie and the other Six is the prime example I am talking of, because it really gives you the reality that they aren't just machines after all. The memories they have after each death stays with them, and it's like being victimized over and over and over again. And it's like, they can't die, so what's the point? That Six was just tormented and tortured and you know how some are afraid of dying? I think Cylons are afraid of not dying or not overcoming the pain and suffering some have to undergo when getting imprisoned by the humans. Think of Gina, for example. The girl went through so much trauma that when she begged Gaius to kill her it wasn't like she was saying "kill me so I can resurrect and get off this damn ship" she was literally saying "kill me because I want to really die."

That merciful killing was sad to watch, because sometimes there are those that are just so emotionally and psychologically damaged beyond repair, and it was "human justice" as Natalie placed it. It was better for Six to have died that way, sans resurrection. Which makes you wonder how many other Cylons have been that damaged due to their painful experiences with humans.

What's more is the human-Cylon alliances, and the tie-ins that go along with it. The philosophical aspect of this show I really love, and what makes it even more badass is seeing humans and Cylons working together to figure out the pieces to this bigger puzzle.

Laura Roslin: Epiphanies of Faith

First of all, it was heartbreaking to see Laura fully bald in the beginning of this episode. I mean really, I was expecting the wig she had on previously before but, once they were showing only Tory while Roslin was speaking I knew something was up. Poor Laura, I don't want you to die!

But this episode really kind of brought her to really question herself and her position, and seeing her completely torn over what's going to happen before and after she's gone is just, so freaking sad. That hospital scene between her and the other patient was nicely done. It's very realistic to patients with similar illnesses, you start to commune and start to understand one another. I'm also glad that Roslin questioned her faith in the gods and that perhaps there is more to it than just believing in the scriptures, and I'm glad that she didn't do so by listening to Baltar alone. Even if he was in the background on the airwaves spewing out Shakespeare.

That scene with the boat on the river and seeing all her family members on the shore was utterly beautiful, and it's like she finally starts accepting this newfound faith of hers and yet isn't ready to cross over yet. Which, I'm thankful for. But she's acknowledged some sort of peace within herself and I think, while the subject of religion and spiritual beliefs may be sketchy for some, is good for her because being on the verge of death you need something to make yourself more content and without fear. I think spending time with the patient and hearing her thoughts about death, about what comes after death and her beliefs based on Baltar's One True God lectures, that it's given her a state of clarity and peace she needs. Sometimes people need that, they need to believe in something and it doesn't matter if it's right or wrong or false or whatever someone tries to argue. What you believe is what you believe.

Okay, I'm kind of going away from the central topic being Roslin, but you get the jist. Finally, this episode made me start liking her again because while I'll always love Roslin she'd been slipping further into kind of a cynical woman since the premiere and her secrecy that I'm happy she's returned and that ending scene with Adama was perfect.

The Squees of the Episode:

++ Natalie. Seeing Natalie again made me squee so freaking hard because, damn, this woman is fierce and hardcore and I love her for taking charge and being badass. Her scene with the Six was heartwrenching at best, and her talking with Kara in the end about the prophecy was lovely. Damn Tricia Helfer, if I hadn't loved you already. Yeah, NATALIE ILU.

++ Mary McDonnell broke my heart in this episode. Now THAT was amazing acting, ladies and gentlemen. Just, wow.

++ I half expected to have Roslin and Adama kiss at the very end of the episode, just the way it was shot and their heart-to-heart conversation about faith and him having faith in her and how she changed him from non-believing to believing. Oh well, at least they smiled at each other, I guess that's just as good. For now, because they gotta be getting their smoochens on! Hee.

++ I loved how the transformation of crazy went from Kara to Sam almost instantly during the semi-mutiny on the Demetrius. It was like here's Kara all obsessing and being a big risk-taker, and then BAM! Sam goes and shoots Gaeta IN THE FREAKING LEG and then Kara goes over to tend to Gaeta then comes to rational thought. Just wow. I loved that, not only for sane!Kara to return but for Sam to really go off like that.

++ Speaking of, OMG POOR GAETA! The poor guy can never catch a break, can he? RDM, please don't kill him off or else I'll have to hunt you down and airlock your ass! Also Cottle, PLEASE don't cut off his leg. He'll be fine. At least I'm praying he'll be fine, as long as he's breathing he'll be fine. But his leg? OMGNO.

++ Baltar quoting Shakespeare. I have no idea which one, since Shakespeare is not my thing, but I found that interesting to say the least.

++ The Basestar jumping directly overhead the Demetrius = AWESOME SHOT, LIKE WHOA.

++ Helo and Athena kissage, "awwww"some. I was waiting for some Helo/Athena lovin'.

++ Leoben. LeobenLeobenLeobenLeobenLeoben. Oh, have I mentioned Leoben?

++ I am so excited for the Cylon/human alliance thing, because this has been a long time coming thing and it's going to get really interesting really quickly. This episode proved that much because they've been enemies far too long that tensions are bound to rise. I kind of want to see the reactions of everyone on the fleet concerning the Cylons joining forces with them -- and how Sam is going to relay the news to Tory, Tigh and Tyrol about all he's learned regarding the prophecy. Oh boy, that'll be a doozy.

++ Um, this episode pretty much rocked that I loved the whole thing. I mean, seriously. It's awesomer than awesome and if this is just the beginning, I seriously can't wait to see what else is in store this season. Also? EJO wasn't lying when he said this season is going to really hurt; already too many deaths and darkness, with more to come.
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