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"It's really fun being a bitch." ~ Katie Cassidy

I've been reading the reports back from the recent AsylumCon from over the weekend and seriously, Katie Cassidy is the most adorablest thing EVER! My girlcrush knows no bounds. I am beyond jealous to anyone that got a chance to see/meet her. It's also so uncanny how her fashion sense nearly mimicks mine (Ruby's does too, which I guess is not surprising). It's also a shame that I don't like Bela because Lauren is also cute, and really pretty without all that makeup! These two girls are incredibly sweet and I can really see myself becoming BFFs with them, just from how they present themselves and how they're very sweet and giggly and genuine and hugging on each other all the time. Yeah, flailing fangirl is flailing.

Oh, and Samantha Farris is hilarious as all get-out, the same with Jim Beaver. I would totally be behind something along the lines of Ellen/Bobby, yepyep.

And for those wondering about the supposed three-hour premiere for the S3 of Heroes, apparently there's going to be an hour special before the premiere, which still remains two-hours. Thanks to beppergirl who'd gotten that from the 9thWonders forum boards for that clarification. I knew it was something along those lines because, really now, has there ever been a three-hour premiere for any television show? And as much as I love Heroes having an extended hour to that two-hour is kind of much, don'tcha think? But of course, I wouldn't put it passed NBC to promote the hell of out their best top-rated series for the fall season, especially after the writer's strike.

Also no, I haven't watched the teaser-trailer for it yet. I'm holding out for a little while longer, because I am strong and knowing me I'll get all excited for it while it's a long ways away. I mean, I'm ALREADY excited now so I don't want to get overly excited for it, y'know? I don't know, it's weird with me.
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