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When Death comes knocking at your door.

LOLtastic Twilight wank. I'm not in that fandom at all, but I find it amusing the amount of wanking that's happening, though surprised that it took this long to erupt. Heh.

Okay, so tomorrow is the SEASON FINALE of Supernatural. It feels too short since it returned from the hiatus! At least we know we'll be getting a fourth season, so it's all good. Either way, I've been thinking about tomorrow's episode with my own non-spoilered thoughts and theories of what I would like to see happen regarding Dean's deal and Sam destiny.

Judging from what everyone else believes might happen in the finale, I think I'm going to join in the chorus in saying that Dean will indeed die, being that his year is up and that's what his deal was about. However, this doesn't mean that he'll be gone indefinitely. He'll just be away from Sam, which is what this season has been about all along; the different pathways and separation of these two brothers, finding their own roads to travel without each other for support. Sam especially, since Dean had always been there to protect him, so now he has to go on by himself in this demon war. This show is about family, at least in my eyes, and the struggles and this season has been about brotherly love and learning to let the other go. I think that's what's going to happen here, but it's not going to be the "end" for the boys.

If this does happen, my belief is that Sam is going to unleash his absolute CAPSLOCKY RAGE and channel his psychic powers and take full course of his nature as the Boy King, therefore kind of defeating, or at least becoming equal in the fight against Lilith.

That theory is something I wholeheartedly stand by because this has been something that was brought up and explored throughout several episodes of this season, and actually the entire series has been revolving how special Sam Winchester is in this fight and why he is so important to both sides. It's kind of unfortunate the remaining episodes haven't really explored more of the main arc of the season like it did in the beginning. Ever since Ruby had announced that there was some mystery concerning his mother and her friends, of understanding and embracing his nature, even if she'd been lying about knowing how to save Dean I fully believe she wanted Sam to know his place, to not be afraid and take risks without his brother. We'd seen many examples of this in the season; a more hardcore, hardass Sam and less dependent on Big Brother Dean. So I think that with Dean dying will finally release him of what he's been holding back, and we'll finally see this more Hardass Warrior All-Powerful Sam Winchester we've been waiting to see in action.

Dean's death won't be the end, but the beginning of events. I also don't believe that Dean will be gone because SPN without Dean would be an unholy mistake on Kripke's part for sure, since there is a reason why these two are going to be where they are in the end of this season which'll set up for the next one. I do want their own version of Hell, a kind of glimpse of that other world we hear about but never see. I would like to see the creativity the SPN team comes up with if there's anything to that. But I also kind of want Sam to embrace his Boy King nature and bring his brother back from his deal, alive a well, because he would've defeated or depowered Lilith to reverse it. After all, it is Lilith that holds all the deals and perhaps it is Sam who is the "releaser" of the deal if he defeats Lilith, or outwits her at her own game.

However, I kind of want to see Sam turn to the "Dark Side" by reversing Dean's deal or bringing him back from Hell or whatever. That would be an interesting twist to the finale, and sets up for one hell of a storyline for next season. Then again, you never know what'll happen, and I do wonder if it'll be a cliffhanger or a conclusion. Probably a cliffhanger, we need another one of those shocker endings to keep us hooked. Evil!Sam is definitely what I'm pining for.

Also, I want Dean and Ruby to work together. But that's because my shallow wish because hot people should partner up together. FURTHERMORE, RUBY SHALL KICK MAJOR ASS IN THE FINALE. 'CAUSE SHE RULES. TRUFAX. Though judging from the promo pictures she may get possessed by Lilith, however that'll happen I don't care because OMG KATIE CASSIDY IN THE FINALE JOYSQUEE.

Oh, and I want "Highway To Hell" to play in "The Road So Far" recap of the season, since is seems appropriate.

As you can see, I think WAY too much. Plus major flailing in the end, but I felt I needed to flail because it's the freaking finale and I'm allowed to flail like the fangirl that I am.
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