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Today = Good Day.

It's a proud day to be a Californian as the State Supreme Court rejects the same-sex marriage ban.

Secondly, there's plenty of fandomish things to be giddy over. Concerning Dollhouse there's already some promo pictures of the show, and even a teaser trailer for the series, whipped up primarily for the Upfronts since it's still being in production, but nevertheless it's looking to be amazing. In my head I imagined it to be a little darker, as in a bit mysteriously scifi blue or something, but judging from the interviews about all the brown that's associated with the show and what's seen in the trailer I think it's going to be good. Plus, Eliza Dushku and Tahmoh Penikett. What more could one ask for? Srsly.
Tags: dollhouse, fandom, rl on the dl
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