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SPN: The S3 Season Finale

Supernatural 3.16 "No Rest For The Wicked"

Well now, I guess my prediction and wish for having a cliffhanger of an ending came true, along with everything else that went down. However, the thing I didn't expect was for them to leave it hanging like that.

Kripke, you magnificent bastard.

I'm actually kind of surprised I'm coherent enough to write all of this down, but my brain is working overtime so it's better to write it out then to start flailing around like a mad person. So let's break all this down, shall we? Season three has primarily been about Sam and Dean, these two brothers who couldn't be very different in personality and yet are exactly the same, and how their family and brotherly bond has kept them together through the thick and thin. From the beginning of this season to tonight's episode it had all been circulating around Dean's deal and Sam's destiny and true nature to who he really is. Granted I would've liked to have seen more exploring this but overall, the finale does make sense. Dean made a deal that could've be reversed unless Sam was willing to access his powers which Ruby mentioned were dormat.

This brings me to that very thing that popped out from this episode. I've said before in my theories regarding Sam's psychic abilities; they originally were channeled through the YED whenever he needed to see something, and I get a feeling this happened for all his "special children". But this doesn't stop the powers from within. Sam has always had these kinds of powers ever since that night when he was a baby, and it had been dormat until the YED called at him. But now he knows, and had the YED survived that would mean that he would've taught Sam how to use his abilities. But since that's not the case, Ruby has been trying to get him to do so but for different reasons. However it has been all up to Sam, and it's kind of sad how it was up until Dean's last minutes he wanted to do it.

But I had a feeling he wanted to all along, it was just his love for his brother that depended on him not being what his brother fears of him becoming. Ruby kind of hit the nail on the head for that one. But see, Ruby DID tell the truth, it was the matter of her wording. Of course we already knew that Sam could save his brother.

My prediction for what's going to happen next is that after all that happened in this episode, since they left is hanging unresolved, is that Sam is going to have his determination to get in touch with his psychic side. We've seen in coming and we've been preparing for this since day one obviously, assuming that in the S4 premiere they kind of pick up where they left off, which I hope they do. Because really, with the army of demons swarming around the house and Bobby outside waiting and everything, it does seem kind of unresolved as far as the outcome of that entire situation. The only thing we saw coming was Dean's death.

Which, let me just say, seeing Dean get shredded by the Hellhounds and the whole bit of him hanging/chained in the fiery pits of Hell was possibly the hardest thing to watch. I mean, I knew that he was going to die but, damn.

Though having Lilith use her power on Sam, only to discover that it doesn't work on him, is probably the greatest things ever. I mean, I kind of knew that Sam would have her beat (because he's Sam fucking Winchester!) but to have her be so stunned that her ~*~BLINDING WHITE LIGHT OF POWAHH!!!~*~ didn't affect him at all was kind of shocking. I guess this means that our little Sammy is even more powerful than we thought, and no wonder Lilith is frightened of him. I mean, she should, he's the motherfucking antichrist, but still! That was kind of awesome to see.

So yeah. My hopes for having this all-out big battle between them and the demons was kind of letdown, but I hope they're saving that for season four. This season, as I mentioned, had been all about the brothers. Next season I'm hoping will kind of conclude this demon apocalypse which seems to be the Big Theme of the show now. It was anticlimatic because we didn't get a big showdown, but we did get a few things: Lilith being so afraid of Sam that she fled, Ruby has something more up her sleeve that she can get out of the Devil's Trap by herself (my guess is witchcraft), and Dean entering Hell and us actually SEEING THIS HAPPEN.

Shiny Things That Happened This Episode:

RUBY. I freaking love Ruby, she is so hardcore and made of love and win. I know many are wary about Katie's acting but in all honesty she rocked it out tonight, and it was majorly impressed with the transition between Ruby and then to Lilith being creepifying. I'm also glad that Kripke kind of kept it with the actual mythology with the child-possessing and the seducing, very nicely done. And people were bitching back in "Jus In Bello" about Sam killing/confronting the the demon!child. Pssh. Y'all be trippin'.

Anyway, Katie was awesome tonight and very very pretty (as usual because she's ALWAYS pretty, mkays). I loved how it had Ruby, Sam and Dean teaming up together despite the catfight bickering between them all. It's was my DREAM WISH to see them fighting side by side, if only they had an all-out fight with just them and the demon army, that would've been AWESOME. But heh, I can take this instead. BUT I WANT RUBY BACK NEXT SEASON -- MEANING I WANT KATIE AS RUBY BACK NEXT SEASON, GODDAMMIT! YOU HEAR KRIPKE! I know he said that Ruby was, indeed, returning for season four but I want KATIE CASSIDY to still play her. Which is possibly the sad thing about playing the role of demons is that demons are smoke and can possess any body, and if Lilith did what I think she did to Ruby, she sent her back to Hell and the only way is to get her back by summoning her or whatever. IDK. But if Katie doesn't return I'll be REALLY PISSED. I loved Katie as Ruby, she does an awesome job.

BOBBY IS LOVE. I loved snarky!Bobby and concerned!Bobby. Bobby in any episode, just like Ruby, is guaranteed to be awesome. Trufax peeps.

Sam and Dean SINGING ALONG TO BON FUCKING JOVI is made of EPIC WIN. And we all know that Dean is kind of skiddish with the Bon Jovi which wtf dude but heh that's Dean Winchester for you and them singing along like total brothers. Ah yes, this is my show. But of course, Dean's expression at the end was kind of sad.

....And didn't someone do a music video or a fanmix to Jovi's "Dead Or Alive" featuring Dean at some point? Or am I just imagining that? IDK.

Creepy Lilith!Girl is creepy. I'm not sure why people don't like the creepy kid factor of the show. I guess I'm weird, but I like the presence of children being creepy, especially in shows like Supernatural. It's a common occurrence in these kinds of genres, because it's a classic approach and it just makes sense. Besides, we all know about the Lilith mythology and, with the SPN take on it, this is what it is. Also, I DO want kids at some point in my life and I like this kind of thing. I don't know what this says about me but, whatever. Plus, you gotta give props to these kids actors for being real troopers about being overly cheery and then switch to creepy and evil then back to cheery again. That's not something that comes easy, so great job to that little girl.

So many witty and snarky remarks in this episode, I need to rewatch to catch them all. But they made me laugh and smile. *g*

Dean's Hellhound dream, Dean being all "six sense of the near-death" was a very interesting tidbit, even though we kind of knew this to an extent back last season in the episode "Crossroad Blues". Still doesn't change the creep factor of seeing Sammy's face all distorted and shit. Though I kind of wished we'd seen what Dean saw with the "real face" of the demons and whatnot. Oh well, it's what they could do with the budget and all that.

Dean trapping and quick move, but I was like "nuh-uh, Ruby'll kick your ass when she gets out" And guess what? She did! Haha!

There's more to Ruby than meets the eye, as predicted and suspected. Though this makes me wonder where the HELL is she (no pun intended) and how is she going to return, since Kripke says she is going to be back because he loves her character arc. As do I, which is why I hope Katie does return as Ruby and what else we should know about her.

HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF: Sam summoning Ruby was like John summoning the YED in "IMTOD" as well as the rosemary/exorcism through the water system in "Salvation". There's also the thing about Dean dying and Sam trying to save him, like Sam dying and Dean trying to save him, and this is what is going to repeat because they ARE the weakest link to each other. This is going to be hard for Bobby because he'd seen it happen before and the cycle cannot continue.

Ruby and Sam kissing....only it wasn't Ruby, it was Lilith possessing the boby Ruby had possessed, and it wasn't a mutual thing. Damn. Well, they're two pretty faces, I guess that works yes?

What My Expectations Are For Season Four:

++ To pick everything up where it all left off in this episode. They kind of left an abrupt ending, which seemed appropriate since it did surround itself around Dean's death, but I did feel cheated that we didn't see any badass!Sam and him to go All Powerful on Lilith's ass even though we saw her power didn't work on him. This has me wanting a powerful and hardass Sam next season.

++ Ruby to return, because duh I love her, and for her to help Sam with his abilities.

++ For more Dean In Hell, unless at the last second Sam goes Crazy Batshit and explodes into his demony psychic powers and miraculously brings Dean back into his (very wounded and broken) body and also brings Ruby back as well, for wherever she is. Because from the looks of it, Sam is all alone sans Bobby. *sadness* BADASS SAM FTW WE WANT THIS KRIPKE. WE'VE SEEN HIS POTENTIAL AND NOW YOU SHOULD GO ALL THE WAY WITH IT. SRSLY.

++ Ellen to return. I've said this before but I do want her to return for the Big Damn Demon War.

++ Speaking of which, WE NEED THIS BIG DAMN DEMON WAR TO MOTHERFUCKING HAPPEN! That is all I want, Sam to gain his powers, use them, win his right to the throne in the particular demon army/war and then kick some major ass! But this is my hopeful wishing, of course.

This is only kind of my thoughts after the episode. I'm sure more things will come to mind after I process everything that has happened, and everything I wished happened and more predictions and theories regarding next season. But please, I NEEDS TO TALK WITH PPLS ABOUT THIS. I HAVE ALL THESE THINKY-THOUGHTS AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEM. AND I'M CAPSLOCKING AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THIS IS. Oh yeah, that's right....'CAUSE IT'S THE FREAKING FINALE, OMG.
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