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On the wings of an angel.

Much was done today, though unfortunately I couldn't get around to writing up my review for the latest BSG episode. I started to last night after it aired but I'd gotten tired and my brain wasn't functioning properly so I set that aside. I meant on having it written by tonight but, RL had gotten in the way so heh. I promise it'll be up by tomorrow, at the latest would be in the evening if possible.

However, I do have one thing to comment on concerning a particular character:

Who knew that Gaeta had such a lovely singing voice? I mean seriously, I loved that they tied that into the episode and what a way to use Alessandro Juliani's singing/opera background. So harmonious and beautiful, even when it symbolised much of the sad and depressing moments. I also read the lyrics somewhere and apparently it's an original composition, which could have some significant meaning in the context of the words. Nevertheless, such a gorgeous and soothing voice. I could listen to him all day. Between him and Mohinder, I would have either of them sing to me any time.

But in the actual episode, I was cringing to what was happening to him. Poor Gaeta. He so didn't want his leg to be taken away and then it happened, and he didn't want to go under and actually had to endure witnessing it happen himself. Oh, Gaeta. My poor, poor Gaeta. *hugs him*

Is it wrong that I want him to be the Final Cylon now? I mean, I don't want him to die and if he doesn't I'll be so relieved, but I also wouldn't object to finding out that he's a Cylon either.

Where are all the Natalie icons? Seriously BSG fandom, this is such a huge ensemble cast and there's hardly any of the other characters besides the main ones everyone seems to think are more "popular" or whatever. Bitches please, Natalie has rocked the house since she was introduced and at least give her some decent icons. It's the same with Razor and no decent ones with Kendra Shaw. I mean c'mon, where's the love for these people?
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