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BSG: "Guess What's Coming For Dinner?" Episode Review

Battlestar Galactica 4.07 "Guess What's Coming For Dinner?"

It astounds me the more this season progresses, the more awesome it becomes.

Continuing from what's been happening, Demetrius and the now-human-occupied basestar jump back to the fleet where they immediately start making negotiations to make an alliance with each other. Obviously a problem for the Colonials, but in an interesting turnaround both sides come to an agreement based on their basic mutual missions: find the Final Five remaining Cylons, who are hidden within the fleet, and have them relocate the directions back to Earth, which is where it is to be believed they resided from or know the way back to. This places much stresses on both sides as they try to figure things out; "the rebel" Cylons do want an alliance but are conflicted with how to approach the situation, leaving Natalie in charge of how to deal with gaining the trust from the Colonials. Roslin finds herself wanting to know more about the prophecy the Hyrbid said about the opera house, and Athena starts getting paranoid with the dreams as well, mixed with her fear of her daughter, a Number Six and the opera house vision.

And thus it will come to pass....many unexpected and surprising revelations. Allies, enemies, trust and betrayals abound!

The Colonials and The Rebels: The Alliances of Greater Enemies

"Enemies brought together by impossible longing, enemies now joined as one. The way forward at once unthinkable, yet inevitable." (BSG: Razor, the Elder Hybrid)

Things are finally progressing in the alliances between sides, for better or for worse, and I think this is probably my favorite story arc so far. I also like how they're realistic with the Colonials not believing or welcoming the rebelling Cylons with open arms. They have contempt, they have questions, they're doubtful; and I also liked that Natalie is the leader of this rebellious group and seeing her speak before Roslin and Adama was something I wanted to see for a long time. Instead of just the common Cylon you see her as kind of one of them in terms of leadership, presenting the situation and proposals to the other side in convincing the humans of what they want in hoping they would consider. I also liked that while the Cylons want the humans cooperation and trust they don't fully give up their manipulative strategies either, at least not where Natalie's concerned, since Sharon and Leoben seemed very doubtful that tricking the humans when wanting to gain their trust will have a hopeful outcome.

This is where my love for Natalie comes in. She's incredibly influential when it came to talking with Roslin and Adama and even when she presented her side of the story to the Quorum, however she senses their doubt and soon realizes that after making her proposition on taking a few human hostages aboard the basestar that it was the wrong decision to make. She starts asking human questions. Is this really how they want to go about things, to gain the Colonials' trust? What about the Final Five, are they there listening to them? Judging their every move? Even when it's too late to turn back as Leoben said, she realizes her mistakes and wants to change them.

My other reason for loving Natalie is her sophisicatedness to all situations thrown at her. She reasons and she makes logical points to their case, because they really are on the verge of survival. The point of destroying the resurrection hub means that she and the others have come to a realization that they're changing and there's no point in resurrecting; that death is the central part of living, and they want to know what it feels like to live rather than just be. Whether or not the Quorum believes what she said, she and the others believe in this and that is why they want to join forces with the humans.

It's inevitable that this kind of trust wouldn't go well as planned, as presented in the end of the episode, but it's interesting that after there was the agreement both sides started to take into consideration in possibly turning around this proposal for self-perservation at the last second. Which can be understood because why should the Colonials instill their trust in these Cylons who had destroyed nearly their entire race and had hunted them down? Furthermore, why should these Cylons ask for help from them in the first place?

As the quote from the Elder Hybrid says, these two forces will join together whether they'd like to or not, because that is their destiny in order to reach then promised land. And I have to say, it's going to be one hell of a ride judging from how this episode ended.

Thus It Will Come To Pass: Dying Leaders and Character Arcs

In this episode there are many things happening with characters and their own storylines, some are coming to startling realizations while others are feeling guilty over what they've done or who they've been instilling their trust in, and others are just trying to find their way around without going absolutely mad.

First we have Laura Roslin who starts off denying wanting to talk to the people of the fleet regarding all the secrets and information she's been withholding from them, then taking Lee's advice to consideration she gives the Quorum Natalie who explains their plans, in order to give some relief to what's happening. Or, I guess at least some closure to what has been withheld from their knowledge so they wouldn't be in the dark. Roslin is becoming Roslin again, which is a good sign. Her suffering and her pain at wanting to have her life mean something in regards to save the fleet. Though she still doesn't trust Kara Thrace, she kind of still thinks she's a Cylon, though that's kind of forgiven since we don't know what she is as of yet.

In the midst of all the other characters, Athena's irrationality when it comes to her daughter and ends up shooting Natalie, Anders having guilt over shooting Gaeta, and Kara kind of reeling in the information the Hybrid had told her; all these characters hold much development to what's to come. We are also now divided with some humans on the baseship and Natalie on Galactica.

This also leads to the question of who the dying leader is. We've believed from the beginning that it was Roslin due to her cancer, but we see here that Natalie is the leader of the rebel Cylon group. She was the one initially to bring forth this proposal, and she's pretty much just as good of a representative in leadership as Roslin or Adama. She also got shot in this episode, leading us to believe she will soon meet her end. I don't want her to, because I love Natalie, but if she is the dying leader mentioned in the prophecies than that is what needs to be.

We are seeing very indistinguishable lines between human and Cylon, and this season explores that these models aren't that different from those mortal.

The Episode Squees:

++ GAETA! Poor Gaeta, having to endure many things including suffering the gunshot wound and the surgery and having his leg removed. Gah, that was painful to watch. On the bright side though, we got Alessandro to give his singing talent in this episode, which was a definite plus. ILU GAETA. ♥

++ Athena pulled a HRG on us. She's willing to do anything to protect her child, which I admire greatly in anyone, however she did so out of irrationality and paranoia and fear based on her visions of the opera house. Much like HRG and those paintings. Though unlike HRG she actually shot the one she wanted to shoot, twice, which was highly unexpected because this is ATHENA we're talking about. Also, Natalie didn't do anything to Hera. Nothing at all whatsoever, and in fact it was Hera that sought Natalie out...or at least a Six. Plus it seems that Athena is becoming more human now or is blinded by her paranoia that she can't distinguish the Six in her dream/vision from Natalie. Besides, back in "Crossroads" it was Caprica-Six that'd taken Hera in the opera house, saying that she wanted to protect her. That was a "whoa" moment for me.


++ The beginning with the Demetrius jumping to the wrong coordinates and the baseship jumping to the fleet was spectacular. The same with the heartpounding ending, where some of the fleet are on the baseship when the Hybrid yells "JUMP!" and then the standoff between Athena and Natalie. Just, oh boy. This season isn't screwing around.

++ I love Lee being all professional and actually presenting the issues about the people to Roslin. I just don't understand the Lee hate that's going around. He's saying EXACTLY what needs to be said to the President, who hasn't been herself lately and I think hearing him speak in such a way, both times to her, is something I like seeing in Lee. This new position really has him going after what he truly believes in. Though I wonder, now that the President is on the baseship does this mean that Tom Zarek is going to be "acting President" and Lee to be the "acting Vice President"? Hmmmm.

++ Anders feeling guilty about shooting Gaeta, with that distant look on his face when he described Gaeta singing in Sick Bay because of the pain. Also, I like how so many people had entered the sick bay to watch Gaeta sing -- Anders, Lee, Roslin, even Baltar!

++ Leoben. 'Nuff said.

++ ♥ NATALIE ♥. Natalie with her poise and professionalism, in her sophisicated way of speech and how sincere she is, not to mention her realizing their mistakes and wanting to fix things. I freaking love Natalie, so much. I don't want her to die. Also, when she was speaking to the Quorum didn't anyone else get the feeling that she could be the replacement vice president if possible? I mean, just standing there and speaking in that very sexy yet modest/professional outfit was almost symbolic to her role. I vote Roslin/Natalie for the '08 plz, kthx.

++ When Athena was wondering around looking for Hera, and the connecting between the ship corridors and the hallways of the opera house was excellently done. I LOVE the cinematography used in these recent episodes this season; very artsy and clever and just gorgeous. For the shots and angles to the effects and the way it's all edited together. Lovelovelove it.

++ UNASHAMED PARALLELS: Hera's drawings from the shared dreams reminescent to Molly's drawings from her dreams, only less creepifying with the symbol and eyes. You can also see the connections with Adama tells Tigh "thank you", in the similar way that HRG tells Mohinder in "Cautionary Tales".

++ The music. I love Bear McCreary, he is one awesome composer and has done beyond my hopes for this season for the dramatics of how everything fits with the tone and atmosphere. I don't know what it is, there's a lot more emotion in the notes for the musical composure this season. Maybe because it's the last season.

I love this show, like whoa. It continues to blow me away, and this season has gone to such intense extremes that you're wondering which side are you REALLY rooting for, and what's to come. Seriously, if there's any show on right now that kicks ass, it's BSG. No contest. Though we have to wait TWO WEEKS until the next episode, because next week is Memorial Day. Which okay, I can take. At least it isn't a long freaking hiatus, which we'll be getting soon because this season will be split up, unfortunately.
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