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Everything is not what it seems...

Right now I have the Wizards of Waverly Place theme song stuck inside my head. SHUT UP IT'S AN ADDICTIVELY GOOD THEME SONG!

I haven't done the spn_fridayfive in quite a while, and with the finale I decided what the hell:

01. Season 3 is over! How will you be spending the summer hiatus?
Like I normally do, rewatching episodes from all my fandoms, with some of the returning summer shows, in hopes to pass the time away. Of course I'll have RL events to attend to this summer hiatus so the lack of fandoms will be a good thing, though my anticipation is going haywire of not having my shows until the fall.

02. What was your reaction to the season 3 finale?
Honestly? It felt very anti-climatic. I'm sure that's how it was supposed to be, since it was clearly affected by the writer's strike, but I guess I wanted more to be revealed or more action that what was shown. This third season as a whole didn't really accomplish much in terms of moving forward with Sam's "boy king" destiny, his powers and everything else that was setup in the beginning of the season. They're dragging it out longer than it should and, while I get the whole separation bit and having both brothers emotionally letting go and the heartbreaking last scene in the finale itself, there could've been more to it in regards the Dean's deal and Sam, is all. Also, what about Bobby? The Colt? The demon war? Where's Ruby? What about Ellen or other hunters? The information about Mary Winchester and the YED? This and more should've been explained in the remaining episodes, but it wasn't, since it seemed to center around Dean Going To Hell. Understandable, yet I felt disappointed we learned nothing more. I hope S4 will be better to bring us answers to those unresolved questions. Oh yeah, and bring Dean back from Hell, but that's another matter.

03. How do you feel about what happened with Bela in 3x15, "Time Is On My Side"?
She had it coming. Then again, they all have it coming one way or another. Kripke and the writer's never really had much to do with the character until this point, and I guess it cheapened the episode a bit to have her finally tie into the big plot of things, though I think they had to in order to wrap it up. If only they had done good with the character from the beginning had I cared for her more.

04. Would you like to see more of Ruby in season 4? Would you like her character to slowly be filtered out of the show? Or something else?
YES MOAR RUBY PLZ! I have my own theories and ideas for how S4 should play out, especially for the premiere as I believe it should go directly how the finale left off, but I would love to see Ruby's character explored more. I also want her to help Sam get in touch with his psychic abilities, to teach him how to use them without losing control or turning completely dark so he can either get his brother out from Hell and/or win this demon war. I really do love the character and her backstory and how she's being used as sort of the guide to Sam and Dean, despite being a demon, and there is more to her than meets the eye. Also, I REALLY REALLY REALLY want Katie to return as Ruby because she portrays her so well. It's hard to say judging from how the finale ended how that'll happen, and since she is a demon she could possess another body, so we'll just have to see what happens. Though I highly prefer Katie Cassidy as Ruby, because she rocks it hardcore.

05. From what we've seen so far, did you like the Yellow-Eyed Demon more than Lilith? Why or why not? Do you like how Kripke & co. are handling the Lilith storyline so far? Explain, if you wish.
I have a great fondness for the YED, but with Lilith she's been creepifying since she first was introduced. However from the finale it seems that she underestimated our Sammy Winchester and is ultimately scared of him now. I do like how they treated the mythology and creating it to fit the show's universe, the child-possessing demon and seductress when in a grown women's body. I'm not sure how'll they'll play it out since Lilith was the BIG BAD and went off running in the opposite direction when her ~*~WHITE LIGHT OF POWAHH~*~ didn't work on Sam, so IDK if there's going to be another showdown between them or not.

I will be going to see Indy TOMORROW! From other people's reactions everyone is squeeing and quite gleeful, so I'm hoping to enjoy myself with it. But is there any doubt? It's INDIANA MOTHERFUCKING JONES! Regardless how it turns out, mah Indy will be on mah screen again. Which I'm overjoyed with. *squees*

Entries with more substantial content to come soonly.
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