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Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?

Yesterday, if you missed my squee, I saw the new Indiana Jones film. Make note that this has been my first trip to the theaters in for-freaking-everf, mainly because there hasn't been a movie out that I was dying to see in the theaters. But with Indy, that's the exception because's Indy! Also note that I wasn't expecting this to be better than the original three films, since clearly we all know it wouldn't match up to them, but while watching and afterwards I was smiling gleefully. That alone means I highly enjoyed it and that's what matters.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I've been an Indiana Jones fan for a long, long time. I grew up watching the movies, and I rewatched all three again and again and again, to the point where I nearly worn down the VHS tapes. Thank goodness for DVDs, is all I'm saying. Anyway, upon hearing they were doing another Indy film with Harrison Ford again, with recurring characters such as Marion and with Steven Speilberg and George Lucas on board, I was thrilled, but also a little skeptical. Of course I'll go to any Harrison Ford film that sparks my interest, and he'll always be the bestest Indy there'll be, but with twenty years passing from the first three films you had to wonder how they were going to pull it off. Because, let's be honest here, Harrison, while still a highly attractive gentleman, isn't how he used to be since he is getting older and won't be able to do most of the things he used to as Indy. Also, because they don't make films like they used to anymore, there was also that to consider as well. I wasn't letting myself get ahead of my squee, but coming out of the theater it had reached my expectations and then some.

The thing that one has to really consider when getting into any Indiana Jones film is letting yourself go and suspending your beliefs. I've been hearing loads of criticism about the whole alien/spacecraft aspect though honestly, how is that any different from believing in that the Ark could suddenly melt someone's face off and take away the bodies? Or how about the Holy Grail? How is believing in religious mythology any different than believing in something from another world visiting ours? Suspension of belief, folks, we've all done it before with the previous films and we can also do so with this one.

The only thing was the presence of CGI which was an addition that wasn't previously there before. Again, they don't make films like they used to, and that's something people have to keep in mind as well.

Other than those things that I felt I needed to mention, this film was fantastic. The pacing and editing were great, I never got bored or thought it was going overtime; it had the funny, the action, the historical parts which I smiled with utter glee at (the fifties, the nuclear blast, Elvis, Greasers, etc.), the return of Marion and even the tie-ins from the previous films, like showing the Ark in one of the crates and the mentioning of Indy's late-father, and there had even been something in relation to the Young Indiana Jones series as well. And, of course, the return of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones himself! It was so nice to see Indy back again, and I liked that they even comment on his age in the film because he is older and this was a nice little thing to say "yeah, he's not how he used to be, but we're doing it anyway!" I also liked that they added him not doing certain stunts like before, such as when he swung on the light in the warehouse and missed the first truck, and ended up landing on the other truck's windshield instead. Heh.

Now, Shia Labeouf as Indiana's son. I was spoiled months in advance that this was going to happen, but nevertheless seeing them act together onscreen was a magical thing. First of all, I've already commented on how much I adored and was impressed by Shia's acting in this film, but seeing him act alongside Harrison Ford was something even words can't describe. It was like I was actually watching these two incredibly different characters working together, and that's how it should be done. I also found his character hilarious in a charming way, and while not an exact replica of either his grandfather or his father, he has the potential as seen in many of the scenes with him fighting with the sword and taking swings, and actually swinging from vines, there's an adventurer hiding behind that leather jacket and grease hair somewhere.

Also, might I add, the leather jacket and Greaser status totally won me over to him. I don't know what it is about the ruggedness and leather jackets, but there you go. Hee.

Indiana and Marion reunited! I definitely think that he and Marion are better fitting for each other, because they've seemed to have known one another for longer than the previous women he was with and she's more of a partner than just a tag-along. Plus she's tough and can hold her own, which makes her and Indy a perfect match. I also LOVED his giddiness to seeing her again and during their wedding (!!!) when she kissed him he had this "whoa! I kinda like this marriage thing already!" expression, plus the smile. I also loved their bantering, like a married couple would do of course. Yes, Indiana/Marion are definitely the OTP of the Indy universe. No doubt about it.

But yes, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull exceeded beyond my expectations and I had loads of fun. I was grinning wildly at many scenes, getting all excited during the action and the mystery and the hunting and everything else in between. I was impressed by Cate Blanchett as well, who played the main protagonist really well. The ending of the film wrapped up nicely, even if I'd gotten The Mummy vibes a bit, but overall it was a really well done movie and I would see it again (and you know that this is a high possibility because...INDY!!!).

So yes, lovely film and you do have to suspend your beliefs and give into the imagination and question the possibilities, like with all the other Indy films as I mentioned, and just have fun with it because it IS Indiana Jones after all. Anyone else seen it and want to discuss it? Feel free to share them with me! I'm still in squee mode, so I need others to squee with me.
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