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All work and no play.

Okay, I'm desperately wanting to see series one of Ultimate Force, mainly for Sendhil and yeah Jamie Bamber too, unfortunately there is no downloadable version fitting for my computer and YouTube has only a few selected clips, no full episodes. I may just have to get series one on DVD, which shouldn't be too much trouble.

Oh Sendhil, the things I do for you.

Speaking of purchasing DVDs, some while ago I went to Borders and actually saw KDramas on display. Literally, they had them right in front of the store where the doors were and it was kind of incredible. Granted they've had Asian dramas on their shelves before, but nothing as advertised as this. There must've been a special sale or something, but I'm not complaining. They had The Snow Queen, Freeze, and My Lovely Sam-Soon, and they were actually playing the latter on the little screen display. The downside of course is that the prices were INSANELY EXPENSIVE, LIKE WHOA. Oh well, I have one of those three anyway. I still want to get If In Love, Like Them, which'll probably be imported anyway.

And it seems that the UK had gotten to see the new BSG episode before us. Lucky them.
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