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"Whatchu gonna do 'bout it?"

Okay, so I caved and read Kripke's TVGuide interview about what's to come in S4 of SPN. I normally don't do something like that unless it's for a fandom I don't mind being spoiled for, but I couldn't help but be suspicious and withholding my anticipation for months wouldn't do me any good. Also, from the sounds of what's being planned it looks like S4 is going to be frakking amazing. Kripke, you are a magnificent bastard and I love you for it. Srsly. Bring on the new season baby, bring it on!

Also, there's the lovely picspam of Sendhil's earlier movies, and yes it features him looking cute and oh yes, shirtless while playing strip poker. I am shameless with my crush. Hee.

Speaking of which, I'm thinking of doing reviews for Ultimate Force once I finish watching all of series one, if only to babble about his role in it, though honestly it's not a bad show. I'm actually quite liking it, but perhaps I have more tolerance for such genres. Though I've heard that series one and two are better than the later ones.
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