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BSG: "The Hub" Episode Review

Battlestar Galactica 4.09 "The Hub"

Breaking away from last week's episode, which many deemed slow-paced with the political stuff, things have been picked up and moving along smoothly, leaving us with only one episode left before the freaking hiatus before the second half of the season.

Beginning where we left off at the end of "Guess What's Coming To Dinner?", the baseship which holds both the rebelling Cylons and Roslin with the rest of the pilots is periodically jumping due to the Hybrid and still carrying out the mission to destroy the Hub. Though with each jump Roslin finds herself in some kind of headspace, where she rejoins with Eloshea, the dead priestess from way back in S2, who serves as Roslin's conscience. Meanwhile the Cylons and humans team up together, no matter how reluctant some are to the others, to take out and destroy the resurrection hub. With resurrecting D'Anna, the trust between sides tested, and Roslin coming to some sort of epiphany, we have an episode which brings us closer to finding out the pathway to Earth and everything else that happens when the Five are revealed.

Plus the preview for next week leaves everything in the air, questioning and no doubt will there be a motherfrakking cliffhanger because that's how cruel they are to us.

Laura Roslin: Epiphanies of the Leader of Humanity

This episode had loads to offer with what's been happening with Roslin since the beginning of the season, with her finding that peace within herself. I was pleasantly surprised to see Eloesha there as Roslin's conscience, because really it makes sense. She was the one that pointed her towards this path, and I'm pretty sure she would be all over Roslin for some of the things she's been doing. Not to say that Roslin hasn't been in the right regarding Earth, but she seems to be placing the entire fate of humanity on her shoulders and that's been clouding her overall judgment of things, at least that's how I view it. Especially when it's highlighted in this episode with Helo's orders and the trust boundaries between sides, because while making this deal she seems to be playing it both sides and that's not how alliances are made. So I like that with what Eloesha is showing her, with her death, it's basically saying that with all her duties towards humanity she must show humanity to prove that humanity needs to be saved.

The fading in and out via the jumping scenes was really well done, indeed, and of course I liked her kind of listening and talking with Baltar after all that's happened. Their interaction scenes were a mixture of comical in the beginning to very deep nearing the end. Also, I don't think Roslin needs God to believe in as Baltar is telling her, but rather a sense of faith and forgiveness within herself of everything that's holding her back. Just seeing her react to Baltar's words, she was really affected by them.

I was actually afraid that she was going to let him die, though. Because I was like OMG ROSLIN DON'T DO IT! He may be a scumbag to humanity in your eyes but allowing him to die in such a ruthless way? It's kind of a hypocritical thing, isn't it? Thank goodness for her "seeing the light" and making a complete turnaround. Her even begging him not to die, beautifully done. Not to mention the ending scene, which I shall comment with me squee later.

Alliances: The Human and The Rebels

I pretty much adore everything there was about the joining of alliances between human and Cylon, simply because both sides loathe each other but this is an inevitable thing that must be taken place for the sake of their own needs and resources. They're doing it together but for their own reasons; the humans in order to get the Earth, the rebel!Cylons for the Final Five. There's no telling what'll happen, and it's clear that there's always something going to happen with the distrust because that's how each side has and will always be, sans the few that are willing to go along with it for real. I mean, with the Cylon civil war and the joining of enemies to fight off common enemies in order to gain revelations just, enthralls me to no end. It makes me giddy. And no, this isn't just due to the fact that this is the final season, but it makes all previous three seasons much more worthwhile because we see where they started out to how it'll end. And it's going to be awesome.

The Eight and Helo scenes were strangely alluring, because you know how uncomfortable it must be for Helo to see all these different Eights wandering around sharing his wife's face. It must be weirding him out even more that the random Eight model had acquired Athena's memories from her last download via last season, therefore knowing all everything from their life together. That must be creepifying.

Also, how awesome was Helo? On one hand he knows that their deal with the Cylons means working together, but he's following orders by the president which kind of breaks off the trust, especially with that Eight. Oh, character conflictions. How I love this show.

The Episode Squees:

++ "I love you." "It's about time." ROSLIN AND ADAMA ADMITTING THEIR FEELINGS FOR EACH OTHER! ASLDJFLKSJDLF!!!! THIS MAKES ME VERY, VERY HAPPY! Though why must they gip us from a frakking kiss, dammit? I was like KISS KISS KISS! Ah well, at least we have that beautiful moment and just, SQUEEEEE.

++ Boomer's a pet? Wow, I didn't realize that. Though her fleeing from D'Anna after she killed Cavil was a perfect example of her character's placement right now.

++ "You're not married to the entire production line." LOL SCORE.

++ Baltar returning to his comical roots is such a delightful treat. Him kind of raising his voice towards the Hybrid, his and Roslin's interactive conversations about the hybrid and how to communicate with her, and even talking with the frakking Centurion? OMG that was terrific comedy gold there! When he's using the training of a dog with a treat on their nose as a comparison to how the Centurions are being treated, you can literally see the Centurion going "WTF IS THIS CRACKER GOING ON ABOUT?!" when it's tilting it's head. XD As I said, COMEDY GOLD!

++ I was actually praying that Baltar not to die, and for Roslin to not let him die. Because I do so love Baltar and his craziness, even though he's become less crazy now and more of the spiritual kind of leader. Or, as many are also in agreement, being "God's intrument" is his only way of achieving salvation, and he's given into this destiny God has planned out for him.


++ D'Anna to Roslin: "You know of the Final Five, but you don't know that you're one of them? (pause for Roslin's "O_O" reaction) HAHA, you should've seen your face!" That, right there? Pure genius with mindfrakking Roslin. Oh, how I'm happy to see D'Anna back.

++ It seems like Natalie's gone for good. :( I'm kind of waiting for her to miraculously reappear somewhere, all resurrected and happy with seeing the Final Five and all that.

++ The battle scenes were fan-frakking-tastic. I can't say enough how this show manages to pull off all the CGI things they do with the budget they have, and they freaking DESTROYED THE HUB! THEY DID IT! And it was unbelievably good. Though the questions remain, what happened to Boomer? Did she escape? Is she by herself or still with the others she chose to be with?

++ Another question, in the credits I saw Callum's name but was Callum there with the other Cylons, the Eights and Sixs in the uniforms? I have to rewatch the episode again but I wanted to see Leoben. Oh, and that reminds me all the Eights and Sixs in those pilot outfits were freaking awesome. I mean, srsly, amazingly awesome.

++ Randomly, I adore Grace Park's hairstyle this season. It's really cute.

++ I have a feeling that Baltar is the dying leader.

++ NEXT EPISODE, OMG. Shit is totally going to hit the fan. And we have this is the last episode UNTIL 2009 PEOPLE! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG.
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