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BSG: "Revelations" Episode Review

And this is why BSG remains the BEST DAMN SHOW EVER. FO'SRS.

Battlestar Galactica 4.10 "Revelations"

Alright kiddies, this is it. The mid-season finale, meaning the end of the first half of the fourth season which'll continue and wrap up in 2009. Ronald D. Moore, you genius motherfrakking magnificent bastard.

In such an intense episode the Four of the Five, Tigh, Tyrol, Tory and Anders, were found out, emotions run high, especially for Admiral Adama who has a complete breakdown. There's a confrontation between the Cylons and Galactica, as D'Anna steps up and calls for taking hostages until they have the Final Five (which is precisely what Natalie had planned before in "Guess What's Coming To Dinner?" before realizing that was a bad idea). There's a huge climatic sequence with the Four being in the airlock, Starbuck understanding the clues the brand new Viper she returned on and how it points the way to Earth, Baltar giving reason to D'Anna to stand down otherwise everything would be shot to hell; until everyone comes to a truce after discovering that the signal wave from that Viper is pointing the direction to Earth. Cylons and humans have joined to find it together, or as Adama places it "rolling the hard six". Either they go together or not at all, and it's a risk they have to take.

Well folks, they have arrived to Earth. But it's not the fluffy, puppies and kittens version of Earth. It's a bleaker, nuked and destroyed version, almost as bleak as New Caprica had been during the occupation. Everyone is morose, and that's where the first half of the season ends. What'd I tell y'all? It's a motherfrakking cliffhanger. The feeling was of a finale, but knowing that this is only a MID-SEASON ending, there's more to be revealed and much to be answered for. This was only a conclusion to what's been happening for the first half, and the second half will focus on the other aspects.

Prophecies and Scriptures: All Of This Has Happened Before....

"Kara Thrace will lead the human race to its end. She is the harold of the apocalypse, the harbringer of death, they must not follow her."

This statement has proven to be true, to say the least. Finding a post-apocalyptic Earth is something I was expecting, though I'd figured they'd pull that after discovering who the fifth was near the end. But this leads to lots of speculations and theories and even more questions, such as is this the Earth of the future? Is this why Kara Thrace was sent back to lead them all there? How or why had Kara been reborn and how is that Viper part of it? Did waiting all those months of not listening to Kara Thrace's instincts of knowing the way to Earth prompt this massive attack of Earth, now leaving it a complete wasteland? Are the Cylons involved with this somehow, the others on the other side of their civil war? Or is the fifth responsible?

So many questions, so much time between here and when the season starts up again.

But this makes it even more worthwhile for speculating because, as I'd predicted before, this leaves us wondering if Earth had been the new Kobol and they're in the middle of history repeating itself. The whole scripture of everything happening again in a cycle of time. Someone before in the BSG community had taken the liberty of theorizing that Earth had it's own war of Cylons versus humans, and that the humans on Earth had evacuated and their Cylons, whether those Final Five or not, had destroyed that planet. It has happened before, and it'll happen again. I need time to organize my own theory to this, but essentially yes I definitely agree. Something happened here and it's time for them to figure out what.

But yes, the hopes and dreams of both humans and Cylons have been broken and shattered as they discover isn't what they'd imagined. And realistically speaking, while their salvation was to find Earth how did they know that Earth was going to be a shiny representation of how it was described in the scriptures? How did they not know that someone else had inhabited it, or something had happened to it if it had been a myth all those years? It was a hopeful dream in the middle of a wreckage, of their own apocalypse. Everything is not what is seems, especially not in this universe, so when they'd found Earth even with the emotional montage of everyone cheering and hugging, I was prepared for the worst. And I don't think it can get any worser than to have just finding Earth, their only reason of suriving all those years and pushing forward, fighting and the loss of lives, to only this planet of their salvation to be a nuked wasteland of crushed dreams. I think that "WTF" ending was just right, as we'll have plenty more to come.

But as I said, there's much to think about and how they're going to go on from here. Should be interesting to see where this leads us and what other revelations are to come out in the second half. It ain't over peeps, it's just beginning and it's going to be one helluva ride.

The Questions That Need To Be Answered

Like many out there, while the search for Earth has ended there's many other details that need to be resolved, or at least answered so it doesn't seem like there's just this big hole of continuity issues. For example:

01. The opera house and its dying leader. I'm assuming that the dying leader was actually Natalie, since she was the leader of the rebelling Cylons and she did project in her last minutes before her death. Or perhaps once she'd died she had gone to that vision place that D'Anna went to, seeing the faces of the Final Five in the opera house and somehow, somewhere, she was reborn. I'm praying at least, she was my favorite Six in this season. If not, they should at least get to that sooner or later, because the opera house is a BIG MOTHERFRAKKING DEAL in this show, since it has Baltar, Six and Hera connected with it.

02. The importance of Hera, or even Nicky and the unborn lovechild between Tigh/Caprica-Six (which still needs mentioning and some s'plaining to do). These are the next generation of God's children and ever since the beginning Hera has been noted as a "miracle from God", so I'm hoping we'll have more about her.

03. Are the other Cylons, the Cavils, Simons and Dorals, returning at some point? Or were they killed back when they destroyed the hub? If even a few survivors return, they could decide to pull all hell on their asses, no doubt.

04. Since we know the fifth isn't on Galactica or within the fleet, who the frak is it and where the hell are they?!?!

05. Kara's visions and feelings after she returned from being dead in the beginning of the season; there's no doubt there's going to be some character study with Kara in the second half, because her finding Earth and even that prophecy the Hybrid said about her leading humanity to its end is going to be coming back to haunt her. But it seems that in the most recent episodes that had simply been forgotten and Kara Thrace was back to being Kara Thrace, without the crazy or being brigged or anything like that. Of course, she's no longer the original Kara we once knew and there's this sense of professionalism and maturity to her (I guess death and seeing Earth does that to you? *shrugs*) But obviously her own character revelation has to be revealed at some point....right?

06. Roslin's cancer. How far along is it and how long does she have, because she led her people to the promised land so this means her destiny now is that she has to die. Or something to that effect.

07. How everyone is going to be affected knowing Tigh, Tyrol, Tory and Sam are of the Final Five? How is Adama going to act towards Tigh now? Or Kara towards Sam? Or Roslin towards Tory, who practically was cold to her on the baseship?

08. Are the Cylons and humans going to be on the same side now, since they've all reached Earth and the Four have been revealed? The Cylons are one in the same with the humans now aren't they, since they no longer have capabilities to download? Since the Viper had a signal coming from Earth, does this mean there are survivors on Earth? Or is there a beacon somewhere that has called them there, leading them to find out what happened?

09. The Centurions having freewill instead of being restricted from it, we know something's going to go down with that. The question is, when and how? The humanoids are mortal now so does this mean the Centurions are going to go against the humanoids or any possibility of that of any kind?

10. Baltar and Caprica-Six, are they going to get back together again? Whatever happened to head!Six? Head!Baltar? Are we going to find out how they came to manifest? What about Boomer? Are Boomer and Tyrol ever going to reunite or have a reunion of sorts?

There's many more questions to be answered, obviously, but since we've gotten to our destination there's going to be more questions on top of the other unanswered questions. Um, my mind has been fried from this episode so I'll have more once I've gotten over everything that's happened.

The Episode Squees:

++ Can I just say that Edward James Olmos is one extraordinary actor? Like this needs repeating, but he totally is. There's something about his presence on screen that makes you glued and curious about what's going to happen. When he cries, I cry. When he gets angry, I get angry (well, okay, when EJO gets angry, especially when he's playing Adama, I get frightened. Srsly. Even his death!glare I'd back down instantly). When he was breaking down after finding out that Tigh was a Cylon, him drinking and smashing his mirror and Lee having to drag him off the floor, cradle and hold him, and the kiss on the forehead? OH MY GOD, SO MUCH LOVE! So fabulous acting with those two, like whoa.

++ Gaeta. ♥ Poor Gaeta and his leg. :( I'm glad he's still being able to work though, which I think was his major fear. It's a fear for any wounded soldier to be discharged from duty, and I'm just happy he's able to still hold his job in the CIC.

++ When the showdown was happening between the Cylons and humans, the taking of hostages and such, and even when our Four was being outted, I was shaking with anticipation. With Starbuck running to them all being in the airlock and the calls back and forth. It was, wow, all really intense and great and wonderful. I did like it when D'Anna shook hands with Lee, because that was something I enjoyed. I do like the alliances between Cylons and humans, always have and always will.

++ TIGH! Oh, Tigh. I heart you so much right now it's unbelievable. I loved how stoic and courageous he was for standing up to Adama like he did, for revealing that he was a Cylon to his face. This says a lot about him as a man and a soldier, that no matter what he's willing to do whatever it takes. I also loved Adama's reaction. Denial, reasoning, and then rage and drowning and nearly giving up. He went through all the stages of grief and disbelief, because Saul Tigh is his BFF, his buddy for life, brothers in war, and to have it revealed that he's a frakking Cylon? That was HELL for him to absorb, and I liked that it took time for it to sink in. But once it did, it didn't take long for him to start lashing out. And you could tell it hurt Tigh just as much as it hurt Adama, because he doesn't want to betray his best friend for thirty years. Just, my Gods. I love their friendship so much and this was something I loved seeing. It hurt, but it was amazing. Great acting on both their parts.

++ In fact, EVERYONE did a fantastic job in this episode. The emotion and acting and the range all of them went to was above and beyond the normal expectations of a BSG episode. Well done!

++ Once again, Bear McCreary rocks the house with his composition of music in this episode. I loved the dramaticness during that climatic sequence. It gave me chills and had my on the edge of my seat. No joke, y'all.

++ Hee, Tory is evil. I love evil!Tory. IDK what it is, but having her fully accept her calling makes me really happy. She's taking it head on, not disguising herself, and that look she gave the Centurion and her smile when she meets the rest of the Cylons. Whoa. Loving it.


++ Roslin saying that Lee needn't to give up his position as president yet was a nice little piece. I know fandom is yawning over Lee's presidency but, in all honesty, I'm loving Lee's step up this season. It's great to see him take charge for once and in this episode he did an outstanding job. A wonderful performance by Jamie Bamber and just how he managed to pull everything together. He's definitely going to become a great leader, I just know it. Of course, I knew from day one he would.

++ I have to add that I LOL'D when Lee jumped up and started to strip off his jacket in celebration for arriving at Earth. HEEE!

++ In the end I knew something terrible was going to happen once finding Earth. At first I was like WHUT, THEY FOUND IT ALREADY?? AM I READING THIS CORRECTLY THAT THIS IS ONLY A MID-SEASON FINALE?? THIS CAN'T BE THE END, RIGHT??! Of course, once they actually set foot on Earth and Adama picked up that soil and threw it down, I knew that something had gone wrong. It looked almost like New Caprica, didn't it? Dark, bleak, ruined and destroyed. At first I thought they'd actually traveled backwards and RETURNED to New Caprica. But then I remembered they didn't nuke the entire planet like planned. But wouldn't that be such a twist, that New Caprica had been Earth all along. Okay, going off from my thoughts here. It was like "OH SHIT, WHAT NOW?" kind of ending because there's more to be answered and discovered. That was just a perfect way of giving us the reveal of the Four out in the open, D'Anna and the rest coming to terms with the humans, for now at least, and reaching Earth together. A sense of they've come this far, and now where do they go? I loved it, personally.

++ OMG TINY PREVIEW FOR 4.5 OF BSG!!!! And by tiny, I mean very very brief, but just enough to get us BSG fans something before 2009. Which is a LONG WAY AWAY, OMG.

Um, yeah. My brain has s'ploded from the squee and I need to calm down. There WILL be more posts about this, and theories about what the future might hold. Hell, we have until next year to finish the season. Be prepared to get speculated the hell out from me. Be afraid people, be very afraid. MWAHAHA!

ETA: Did anyone else see the Burn Notice preview with Tricia Helfer? OMG TEH HOTNESS!
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