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No zombies, not allowed. No zombies.

Hey all, I'm pimping out kcassidyfans because KATIE IS MADE OF AWESOME and deserves a community that doesn't continually get deleted for whatever reason others have been in the past. Let's keep the adorable awesomeness of Katie alive, shall we?

Apparently I missed out on the freaking zombie apocalypse phenomenon that's been plaguing the Interwebs. There's this whole meme thing going around but I'm not going to copy it down or answer in an orderly fashion. I'm just going to write it out like this: I'd have a freaking shotgun with endless supply of ammo, either "Dragula" by Rob Zombie or "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC playing, since it only seems appropriate if it's the end of the world by zombies, and I'd have the motherfucking Winchesters with me. John, Dean and Sam, all the three Winchester men, because they count as one unit. I'd also cheat and have Cameron from TSCC and we'd all be cruising around in a Cylon Raider because those badass motherfuckers can create havoc. I'm not including the Metallicar because I don't think Dean would be happy if his baby would get Zombie bits all over, because if this is going to be a zombie apocalypse it's going to be messy, like whoa.

My version of this apocalypse will be majorly badass. And hey, as Dean says, "if we're going down, we go down swinging." The world will end bloody one way or another, why not go out in style and with a bang?

I've also gotten more people watching BSG. Lords help me. More about that later.

They now have both seasons of Heroes with Comcast OnDemand, unfortunately the bad news with that is you have to pay money in order to view an episode. Boo, not cool dudes. On the other hand, we finally have details and coverart for the S2 boxset. *grabby hands* ME WANTS TEH PRECIOUS!
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