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Photobucket malfunctions and hacking

Since yesterday some people may have noticed that Photobucket was acting funky, that any linked images couldn't be seen and nobody could access their accounts. After much confusion and frustration, as it is still currently down, it's been discovered that the Photobucket site has been hijacked by Turkish hacking group, who aren't very conspicuous with their methods. It also appears that there are some people who can still use and access the site while others, such as myself, cannot. I have no idea if whatever is happening in terms of it being hijacked or restored affects different servers or whatnot, but hopefully this'll all get fixed very soon, since for those who have no problems whatsoever are posting with images such as icons and graphics via photobucket and all I see are red X's, which causes a problem for myself and others who are affected by this hacking.

In the meantime, I'll be looking for another imagehosting source as a substitute until the problem is solved. The question remains, my lovely friends, which one should I use?
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