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Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

Guess who owns the first series of Ultimate Force on DVD? Oh right, that would be me. Shameless, I am indeed.

Anyone who hasn't joined in yet there's the BSG Friending Meme, to which we need more fans to chat and squee with as this LONGASS HIATUS OF DOOM continues to kick our butts until the season starts back up again sometime next year. With that, I welcome all new friends made from that meme.

I haven't quite finished FNL as I thought I would by this week, but I'm getting there. Here are my thoughts so far:

I love Tyra. Admittingly I came into this show loving Adrianne so getting me to love Tyra was all on her 'cause it's JESS from SPN! There wasn't much about her character in the beginning other than she was Tim's girlfriend, although that status is quite an on/off again sort of thing, and her just being here and there in some kind of manner (which I liked, since any scene with Tyra is great for me). After seeing "What To Do While You're Waiting" we see further development of her character and background of her family situation, and I cheered for her when she stood up to her mother. I have yet to see passed that episode as of yet, but my love for Tyra continues to grow.

For other characters, I definitely love Coach Taylor and his wife. I love their interactions and how they manage to deal with the craziness within the small town that worships football, and how Coach Taylor deals with the kids on his team and I certainly think he's a good role model, as is his wife. I love have a soft spot for Matt, who is a sweetheart and kind of clueless when it comes to the girl thing.

The triangle between Tim, Jason and Lyla is complicated. The act itself of Lyla and Tim hooking up while Jason is paralyzed and in the hospital trying to regain his strength again was horrible, even if they were trying to deal with their emotions. The betrayal of that is kind of an unforgiveable act, but I felt sorry for Lyla. The interesting thing is in the beginning I didn't quite like her at first, she has this Perfect Princess label stapled to her and was living in a fantasyland, which is understandable but I'm glad Jason slapped some sense into the girl, even if it meant yelling in her face. I also felt bad because in "It's Different For Girls" she was toughing it all out while the entire school was isolating her and being mean because of what she'd done, and she broke down but bounced back up again in the end. So it was nice that she just managed to deal with it instead of hiding from it.

I don't think Jason should forgive Lyla that easily. But that's just me, IDK. I think time apart would do them best. It could give them a chance to just find out who they are and then perhaps they could come around again.

Does anyone know if there's a complied list of all the music featured in FNL, or a community of some sort? Somehow I can't find anything that has all songs from each episode.
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