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And thus, the fangirls begin the squee.

...Excuse me while I squee with excitement. No actual spoilers, but there should be a warning nonetheless because there's a shirtless!Mohinder in this teaser-trailer and all fangirls should prepare themselves for teh hotness. Just saying.

I'm a spoilerphobe. I avoid any kind of spoilers for any of my major fandoms, Heroes being one of them. But there's something worse than accidentally being spoiled, are those who place spoilers under-cut but have their reactions outside of the post. It may be a tiny thing or whatever, but when someone is like exasperated or mehing or has like a sad face it indicates their feelings over certain spoilers, and that has me wondering what that spoiler is EVEN THOUGH I still remain spoiler free. To me, if you're going to post spoilers do so without putting your own non-spoilers emotions about it, because whether it has me thinking of the worst or best possible scenario, it has me sitting on pins and needles and trying to not go crazy figuring it out in a non-spoilery way.

This happens in all my fandoms really, and it's just a pet peeve I have because I always end up overthinking and that drives me bonkers.

Now, onto the teaser-trailer.

The highlight was shirtless!Mohinder, of course. Which I need to say IT'S ABSOLUTELY MOTHERFRAKKING TIME, SHOW! Like nearly every single male has been shirtless or repeatedly in a whoring manner like Peter has, and it's about damn time Mohinder had gotten into the action of shirtlessness. Because we all know the sexiness that is Sendhil. Anyway, I'm interested in what I'm seeing. Mohinder, sweaty, in the bathroom with his fearful look on his face, of which I'm thinking possibly had woken up from a nightmare hence having no shirt. Either way, something happened, and something not good. He either figured something out or someone/something is after him in his dreams, a la Molly with the Nightmare Man. Hey, this season is all about villains, it could be possible that someone is out to get Mohinder for whatever reason. His blood, his knowledge and resources, more secrets about his family that we don't know about yet.

It also seems, from the looks of the teaser, that the Company has been holding these so-called "villains" in their facilities. From the looks of it, I'm not entirely sure if it's actually the Company or another organization that's like the Company. Again, I haven't been reading spoilers so I don't know. It wouldn't surprise me since they did hold Adam...but why hold Adam there and not Sylar, wherein they hid him deep in the wilderness with nobody but Candice? Seriously, I liked S2 more than others, but that kind of makes less sense than anything.

There isn't much to say other than that. I'm trying not to get too excited or have high hopes because who knows what's going to happen, but my optimism cannot be broken after what I've seen. Kring did say that this season is going deeper into the mythology of the show, which should be awesome.

Now I shall go gawk at the preview again, with nekkid!Mohinder and pretend that he'd just been resurrected and his shock is that he realized he's the Final Cylon. *g*
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