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Such a display of patriotism.

Cheers to all who had a lovely Independence Day celebration. For us we don't do the patriotic festivities, like barbeque and fireworks, unless there's relatives involved, which this year there wasn't. So I stayed inside like any normal night listening to the firecrackers go boom and prayed that nobody sets this entire state on fire.

While everyone is reacting to the Doctor Who finale, I just finished S1 of Friday Night Lights. And all I can say is, why didn't I discover this show before? Seriously.

I'm not a football person, I've never been interested in the sport nor do I understand anything about the plays and strategies involved. But FNL is a character drama show, the sport is merely what drives these characters because it's their passion and dream. It's all about the journey these characters make and the development within themselves and those around them. I don't know but ever since viewing the pilot there was something that drew me to continue watching the season, and I will say the first season was golden. Everything came full circle in the end, and I shall begin season two as soon as possible. I'll do a quick roundup of my first-viewing of S1 shortly, but yeah. This is another fandom to add to my list of fandoms.
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