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Don't be harshing my squee, folks.

As everyone knows I'm spoiler-free for my main fandoms, and I dislike being spoiled even in comments to posts that have nothing to do with spoilers. And even if there's any potential spoilerish things mentioned I try to avert my eyes but I do read words being put together and once it gets into my mind that's it, there's no erasing it.

That being said, I may or may not have read a potential spoiler regarding S3 of Heroes. It was an accidental find and I quickly turned away from the source, however my eyes skimmed over certain words and it's kind of processing in my head. Having not read the entirety of what the spoilers were about I don't know if what I read will happen or to what extent it'll happen in, but I do know something involving certain characters and I honestly don't know how I feel about it. If what I'd skimmed over turns out to be true, that is. We all know how spoilers are, and how overexaggerated things can get, and basically this is my assumption based on that. Still, my mind is reeling and I need to get out my thoughts for it.

This spoiler contains something involving Maya and her storyline in the upcoming season, and with Mohinder. There's been spoilers about characters recently and the biggest ones I know of involve Mohinder and/or Maya. Possibly together, in a possible romance storyline togetherness.

To be honest having a romance storyline when Tim Kring had mentioned in his apology statement months ago that Heroes wasn't the romance-kind of show doesn't seem like a good comeback, especially since that was the main complaint from people who were displeased with season two. Also, I don't see Mohinder being in a relationship, not this deep in the series with everything going on around him. He's far too invested with what's happening and his work than being involved with someone, and even with someone like Maya who is completely unstable and not in control of her power it would be too dangerous. Granted, if the season starts with her being in control and being more confident within herself and Mohinder having something to do with that, perhaps I could consider her having a heroic crush on him. Hell, it could be comical even. But otherwise the idea of them being together romantically just doesn't sit right with me.

I mean, just like with the superpower thing, I like having Mohinder being the only one not having a love interest in the series. It just works better for his character that way, at least to me. And Maya really needs to start being independent and coming into her own, and hey if they formed a friendship or teamed up and worked together I would be happy with that. But relationship-wise, that wouldn't be good for either of them.

Now, I could just be reading too much into what could be a spoiler. Perhaps nothing'll come out of it at all, maybe it'll be like with how Mohinder/Eden was back in season one and nothing huge will pursue from it. I don't know, see why I dislike even the smallest amount of being spoiled? I don't know the context of what'll be happening to either of them or the extent of it, all I know is that a few people weren't pleased with a particular spoiler and one person even was all "just kill Maya" mode and that doesn't sound good at all. So, I have no idea what'll happen or how this thing, if it's true, will be presented or precieved on screen.

Note that this doesn't harsh my squee about the upcoming season, since I'm still pretty damn optimistic. But when it involves characters that I love I can't help but get curious or concerned; I haven't read further into anything else other than what I accidentally stumbled across. I don't even know if it's true, hell I'm not even sure if this is as a huge of a deal as I'm making it out to be. This is what happens when my mind starts overthinking and going into all sorts of scenarios.

Okay, I'll shut up now. *zips lips*
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