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If Cat Woman, Wonder Woman, Clark Kent and Cher ever fought crime together...

Things have been kind of slow lately, but that doesn't mean I haven't been productive. In the midst of avoiding spoilers and awaiting the return of my fandoms, some sooner than others, I've been catching up on certain shows and getting addicted to others. The first obviously being FNL, then there's Bones S3 which I do admit I didn't watch fully while it aired, but now I have the time to.

Bones Season Three

In essence, I feel like Bones is one of the few shows that has a mixture of everything which I find enjoyable. Season three took a step up in adding an omnious storyline arc involving a cannibalistic religious cult and intergrated that throughout the entire season. I quite liked that mysterious feel, from the very first episode of the season we got the setup and it transformed itself to something even more as it went along. Also, I'm quite morbidly fascinated by the storyline in itself. This show has gone through all sorts of gross and disgusting kinds of crime of corpses and human remains, and past episodes have explored the concepts and acts of cannibalism. It just fit with the atmosphere that this show gives. Given the normalcy of Brennan, Booth and the team, the conflicts, the UST and hilarity which ensues, from the cuteness of Angela and Hodgins to the connection between Brennan and Booth and their oh-so-obvious attraction to each other, you can't help but love this show.

However, there's that outstanding issue regarding the identities of those associated with the Gormogon. Even though I'd known beforehand that it was Zack based on everyone's reactions to the finale, it still befuddles me. I tried watching the episodes and looking for subtle clues, but I found absolutely nothing. But given the fact that nobody on the cast saw this coming until the finale pretty much says it all.

In all honesty, I thought it would be Sweets. Even though I knew it was Zack, everything points to him. Then again I didn't really like Sweets and I found him very suspicious and strange when he was introduced, so that's just my biased opinion. But you'd think that after all the episodes of him just popping in sometimes not invited at all, being so excited and fascinated with the Gormogon case, that those would be clues. I even saw that Brennan was looking at him strangely, as if she were considering the possibility in the back of her mind. Looking at it perspectively without bias, it could've been a great red-herring, leading us to believe it was Sweets until the big reveal it was Zack, someone that we all know and care about hence the shocking revelation; that whole thing about it always being the quiet ones, etc. But I still think this was a last minute decision to have shock-value, which many fans were NOT thrilled about. Believe me, I've read the reviews and reactions, a displeased fanbase either from shock or anger is not a pleasant enviornment to be around. Then there was the Booth getting shot part which was devastating, even though it was revealed it wasn't for real and he even faked his own funeral to catch some bad guy, it's not something you like to see happen to one of your favorite characters. It's like, want to give me a heart attack show?

Otherwise, I pretty much enjoyed the season. I love Angela/Hodgins like whoa, they are too cute for words. The USTing between Brennan and Booth continues to heat up, with added smooches in the Christmas episode! The Halloween episode with Wonder Woman and Clark Kent (amazing outfits to them all, of course). Plus unlike when she was first introduced, I really like Cam and have grown to her quite well, also the continuity of the Gormogon mystery sparked my interest.

Friday Night Lights, Season One

Came into this show out of curiosity, with my love for Adrianne Palicki, and came out completely loving the entire show. Again I say, I'm not really into football, however I understand the passion of the sport and that is what this show represents. It's the passion that drives these characters and their lives.

My absolute favorite character is Tyra Coulette. I mean hello, it's Adrianne, who I initially started watching the show for, however despite already knowing I would love her character just watching each episode with her present was a worthwhile thing. Though what really made me love Tyra even more was her development from the beginning. At first she just appeared randomly in scenes, usually in connection between Tim Riggins and their not-so-much relationship, however gradually she came into her own storyline with her issues with her mother and her driving desire to get out of that small town. I think that's what really drew me to her character, which was despite her reputation she is determined to get herself out of that town where she doesn't see a substantial lifestyle. She wants more than that for herself. I also love how tough she is, how strong she stays for her family, especially how she takes care of her mother whom she loves but isn't afraid to express her true feelings about their situation. You just start feeling for the poor girl because of everything she has to go through, from her family issues to school troubles to even the disturbing attempted rape scene near the end of the season. Tyra just can't catch a break, and you really want things to go smoothly for her at least for once.

Which is why I simply adore the Taylor family, who are my second favorite characters in the show. First of all, despite how their initial feelings were of Tyra when she and Julie befriended each other I really liked how they gradually warmed up to her. Mrs. Taylor especially since she encouraged Tyra to continue her education, and when she entered their house I definitely felt that an environment like that of the Taylors would be good for her. Healthy, even. Positive, encouraging, keeping her in check with her academic achievements.

The Taylors themselves, I love them. Coach and Mrs. Taylor, even Julie. I feel they are a positive energy to the small town of Dillion, trying to do their best when sometimes the odds are against them.

I actually thought I would dislike Lyla, but she evolved very nicely. Some of her actions and behaviors in the beginning irritated me, but when she started falling back to reality and lifting the blinders that kept her in fantasyland I started liking her more and more. From her standing her ground when people were going against her to her completely turning a cold shoulder on her father. She started toughening up and coming to her own, and I liked seeing that kind of transformation. I also liked seeing the possibility of a Tyra and Lyla friendship.

As for the other characters, I do like Jason even though he's made some mistakes regarding his relationship with Lyla. But for someone who's paralyzed having to deal with difficulties and life-altering changes, it can be hard to accept and to move forward. I also like Matt and Landry, and let's not forget Tim Riggins. As for the characters I DON'T LIKE are Buddy Garrity, as that's quite obvious. I'm kind of indifferent towards Smash, as I neither like or dislike him. He just doesn't strike me as the other characters have just yet. I'm not fond of Tyra's mother, even though I know she's wounded she doesn't really have much to offer her daughter other than repeated heartbreaks.

This show really has a lot of character connections, from family and friends to romances, which are all brought on by the passion and dedication of football as I mentioned. Football is only secondary but again, it's what brings them all together in the first place. From them starting off the season to ending up going to State, although I suspected them to lose the State game because sometimes even the best teams lose the big ones, and it would've seemed kind of realistic but heh, I could live without that. There are other matters more important than football, and I think that's what really spoke to me about this show. While football is seen as the only out for some characters, like Smash, it's proven by many arcs dealt with in S1 that winning isn't always everything and depending on football to make your life shouldn't be one's main priority. There's other matters to consider, and between the filming styles and music and casting, that's one of the major things this show brings to the table.

It's not about football, it's about life. That's the main tagline of the show, and it's absolutely correct.
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