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The Evil League of Evil! Muahahaha!

I am still squeeing like the fangirl that I am over the latest promo, as anyone could've guessed from the CAPSLOCK OF DOOM from my previous post. I couldn't help it, and it's all Mohinder's fault. Damn him for being so fucking gorgeous and hot, making me cave despite my spoiler-free code of conduct. I do have some thoughts and crack!theories based on what I saw, but that'll be for later. Y'know, after I've calmed down from being in my happy place. Oh yes, there is a happy place, and I'm loving it.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog has arrived! View Joss Whedon's brilliance, the hilarity that ensues with Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion and, well, just the awesomeness.

Seriously, this is turning out to be the best week ever, both in fandom and in RL. *glees*
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