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17 July 2008 @ 05:01 am
Heroes Villains: Thoughts and Theories (via promo)  
The thing about the Heroes promo is that I know absolutely nothing of what's going to happen this season, so seeing the new footage is more randomness and me going "OMGWHUT". I'm excited sure, but the clips they placed together is all very vague, confusing and trippy, to the point where I'm conducting my own thoughts and theories on what's happening so far of what's been shown in said promo.

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a sucker for theories and speculating in my fandoms. Not necessarily on spoilers but more of what I'd like to see happen or my predictions from the limited sources given. In this case, it's the recent S3 promo that's been kind of corrupting my fangirlish mind ever since.

First, concerning Mohinder's blatant shirtlessness bless you TPTB, I'm sensing a connection between from the first preview of him standing in front of the mirror and here with him hanging upside down and possibly of him and Maya kissing. Rewatching it I do have a theory that this could all be from the same episode or timeline, like an alternate future. Since we are revisiting that dark!future as judged from dark!haired!badass!Claire with a gun pointed at badass!Peter with the scar. I mean, where the hell is Mohinder? It doesn't look like an atmosphere we'd be familiar with, and with him dangling upside down (gymnast!Mohinder? Bat!Mohinder? tripped!out!Mohinder?) he looks gleeful, though as opposed to him in front of the mirror where it looks like he's had a bad dream or is freaking the fuck out over something. This kind of goes back to what I'd originally thought months ago, that if the Company ever needed him and he refused that they would just kidnap him and hold him against his will and start doing experiments because of his blood. But there seems to be more going on than that, so IDK. Perhaps something along those lines.

This takes me to that part where he's injecting himself with a needle. Knowing nothing of what his storyline is going to be this season, I suspect it has something to do with either his blood or that they're expanding his character involvement where he actually does have an ability and it's just been dormat all this time. Or perhaps he has a strain of the virus that has mutated. Or something.

Now, here's something I know has been on everyone's mind. Mohinder and Maya.

I'm still indifferent about the whole concept but I'm not as worried as I was before, as many had probably already read my initial reaction. I don't dislike Maya, but I'd rather her have a stronger storyline than get stuck in the crappiness that she suffered in S2 which made most people dislike her character. I feel she deserves more than what they've been giving her. And with Mohinder, I'm very protective of his character since he's evolved and developed just fine in the series sans relationships; probably one of the best well-developed character on the show that keeps his main objectives in check, so I'm wary of the idea of him having any kind of love interest in general. Though perhaps it won't be as bad as people are making it out to be; perhaps, with Kring realizing the mistakes of the S2 romances, that he structured this carefully and giving both Mohinder and Maya interesting character developments or self-discoveries, kind of like how Hiro and Charlie were.

Plus, on a shallow sidenote, that kiss in the promo was kinda hot. And I mean, really hot from two gorgeous people. Who knew that Mohinder could kiss like that? And as someone who's seen the majority of screencaps of Sendhil's previous works, I don't think we've seen such a passionate kiss with him in anything. So shirtlessness with added intense kiss = Mohinder's season of YOWZAing us fangirls.

Apparently in the promo there's Nathan and Niki, the two characters presumed "dead" in the finale. This is where people who die on Heroes don't really stay dead. Because they're all Cylons, with Mohinder being the Final Cylon. Duh!

Here are my predictions based from the other scenes in the promo:

Sylar and Claire have a deadly faceoff, which could have resulted from Claire making tunafish sandwiches or eggs. And we all know how Sylar feels about people making breakfast. He starts getting just a wee psychotic.

More Petrelli brother action. Plus Angela being all creepy and sympathetic and kind of badass all at once.

In the alternate future, future!Claire and future!Peter had a thing going on hence the "sorry Peter, I've always loved you" tongue-in-cheek line, unbeknownst to them that they were related, which ends up being a very V.C. Andrews kind of deal between them. Leading future!Claire to become an assassin as turned by Adam Monroe or by the Company and future!Peter turning all badass and cynical. Ah, young love.

And to just be crackalicious with my speculations, Dr. Horrible should make a cameo. That would be mega awesome! Randomly bursting into song, popping up unexpectedly at the worst possible times, like when Sylar is sawing off someone's skull. Can you just imagine? Or any other character bursting into song at the most inappropriate time. I DARE SOMEONE TO WRITE THIS INTO A CROSSOVER FIC ASAP! EPICNESS OF ALL CRACK!STORIES ABOUND!

Yeah. That's all I've got. For now. This season is going to kill me ded even before it premieres, I swear.

Seriously though people, someone really should do a Heroes/Dr. Horrible crossover.
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himhilien: Heroes - Claudehimhilien on July 17th, 2008 02:02 pm (UTC)
I want to respond to every point you made but I need to go to work soon. However, I must say if Dr. Horrible made a cameo, I would die! Also, Mohinder as the Final Cylon FTW!
Renéerogueslayer452 on July 17th, 2008 09:01 pm (UTC)
He would give Adam Monroe a run for his money for wanting to rule the world! That would be hilarious!

And of COURSE Mohinder is the Final Cylon. Is there any doubt? ;D
bitterbird on July 17th, 2008 07:34 pm (UTC)
lol I love your crack theories so muuch this is made of win!
omg Dr Horrible would be so awesome with Heroes!!
I can just imagine Sylar singing as he kills people lol awesome!!!!!
I love this post, I hope all these predictions come true because so very very awesome!
Cookie Simone: Peter boomcookie_simone on July 17th, 2008 08:00 pm (UTC)
... Now I actually wanna watch Sylar sing as he kills people. Damn you people! I suddenly want a Heroes musical! Only I don't, because unless Joss is doing it, TV musicals tend to suck, and I can't see it fitting well with the Heroes-verse. BUT THE THOUGHT OF SYLAR SINGING AS HE KILLS PEOPLE IS JUST SO TEMPTING. And also, I'd love to see Mohinder's reaction to everyone bursting into song all of a sudden. Just when he thought his life couldn't get any crazier!
Renée: Ruby. Amazing crack.rogueslayer452 on July 17th, 2008 08:51 pm (UTC)
HEE! It's like what Kristen Bell said if there were to be a Heroes: Musical, because most of the cast do end of singing at some point on set. XD

I agree. If Joss isn't involved there's no point, and now I'm kind of wanting Joss to direct an episode of Heroes because that would be SO EPIC if there was a musical episode or something along those lines of silly and very Jossy. I can just imagine him turning to Zachary going "okay, so you're killing her, but you're happily killing her and you start singing and frolicking, and blood spattering everywhere but you don't care because you're all 'tralala, I can has the brains...'"

Mohinder would totally have this WTF expression like how he was in the beginning of "Powerless", just times ten of looking extremely frightened and confused of what's going on.

This turned out to be more cracky than I expected it to be. I LOVE IT!
Renée: Ruby. Amazing crack.rogueslayer452 on July 17th, 2008 08:59 pm (UTC)
Could you just imagine if Dr. Horrible entered the Heroes-verse? He would start having a competition with Sylar on who is the most powerful, only without the powers part. Or with competing with Adam Monroe on ruling the entire world. OMG CRACK POSSIBILITIES ARE CRACKY!

Sylar: The Psychotic Superpowered Singing Serial Killer. XD
jirucloud on July 19th, 2008 03:40 am (UTC)
Lol!!! I tried to stay spoiler-free! But you enticed me with theories!!! Lol!!!

Hmm... Mohinder with no shirt on... yes. Maya? >.> She has no character in my mind... she really needs to be developed before I'll be handing her our Momo! >.> I haven't seen the promo, though... maybe it'll be hot? x.x;;

Sylar and Claire facing off? All he has to do is touch her, right? x.x; I wonder how everything will go for him after everything he went through in S2...

x.x;; What ridiculous times!!! And September 22nd? fthewhat? >.> Be here now!!!!!

Renée: Mohinder Suresh.rogueslayer452 on July 19th, 2008 04:13 am (UTC)
Mohinder, sweaty with no shirt on. I'd say it'll all be worth it this season, if everything else that's been shown in the promo hasn't won me over already.

The thing with Maya...the biggest mistake with her character was not developing her enough in S2 and prolonging the Roadtrip of Doom. This is why many are displeased with this recent thing that's going to happen, but if there is going to be something happening between her and Mohinder I do hope that there's a valid reasoning and is structured carefully. Which I believe Kring has taken into account people's feeling over the abrupt romances that destroyed most of S2 and how others feel about Maya.

So with that said, if anything Maya's storyline can be strengthened by the help of Mohinder which, according to some sources, is going to expand their own character storylines which leads to many twists in connections. So if that's a stepping stone to such developments, I'm all for it. :)

Well, with the Sylar and Claire business I still don't know. All I know from the preview-promo is that Sylar goes after Claire. And there is another very short preview of Sylar going "hello Claire" and "nothing can save the cheerleader now" or something along those lines. So, yeah. It seems that Claire is finally going to get some involvement with the main plotline, which she wasn't last season. Hooray, I say!

Judging from all this, Heroes: Villains is definitely going to be the bestest season yet, because of all that's possibly going to happen. Of course I'm staying optimistic, but it's been a long time since Heroes has been aired (almost a year!) so, I will be ectastic regardless. Plus, MOHINDER! :D