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"The hammer is my penis."

++ Spoilers regarding SPN's fourth season. Mainly casting spoilers and episode concepts. Apparently people have been kind of displeased with because these appeared during Thursday's rerun episode, no warning or anything. I normally don't look at SPN spoilers, but looking at what's being planned I cannot wait for the new season. In the midst of everything involving my fandoms, Heroes and Supernatural, this fall season is going to be frakking awesome!

++ Okay, how come I didn't know that HSM 3: Senior Year is going to be a theatrical release? I initially thought it was going to be just another Disney Channel Original Movie. It's the same insanity that there's going to be a midnight release party for the new Twilight book very soon. These franchise's people, I don't even know.

++ Dr. Horrible, (Finale) Act III, in typical Joss fashion. EPIC MUSICAL WEBSERIES IS EPIC!

++ I don't know if anyone else knows about this but, ABC Family is going to have a miniseries event with Samuari Girl, based off the book series by Carrie Asai. I'm pleasantly surprised by this, since out of all the young adult books I've read it's kind of unexpected that this would get greenlit. I half expected them to have a successful shot at Fearless before anything else (which I still am expecting soon, or praying for, in the near future). But hey, I'm not complaining. Watching the trailer it looks to be a decent adaptation. Already just from the first book I'm kind of squeeing over certain scenes because it's almost exactly out of my visionary while I was reading them. I think it's going to be enjoyable, whether it stays true to the books or not. Also, there's nobody in the cast that I recognize aside from Brendan Fehr, which is good. I like unknown casting from time to time, keeps things fresh.
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