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First, I want to thank agt_bush again for the virtual gift! It's the first one I've had so it makes me kind of giddy that someone would buy one for little ol' me. ♥

I know people are going crazy with Comic-Con, giving their reports with pictures and videos and such, so just as a reminder if anyone spoils me for Heroes you'll be tossed out an airlock. Other fandoms I've been okay with but this is the main one I'm extremely spoiler-free for, and I've been avoiding anything so far but fandom has a tendency of letting things slip so, make sure that if anyone went or knows information it get it hidden as a common courtesy for those such as myself who want to remain unspoiled. Muchos gracias.

Is anyone else entertained by the Twilight wank and madness that has exploded? It's horrifyingly amusing.

Tonight I picked a random episode of Supernatural to watch, because I've been feeling the withdrawals of it, and decided to watch "Roadkill". I love this episode and not just for Tricia Helfer, but because I feel this is such an underappreciated episode of the second season. It's a classic ghost story, nicely edited and paced with a clever twist in the end. Some had said it was preditable, but heh whatever. I loved it. Besides, Number Six and the Winchesters? You can't beat that. Unless you add Starbuck into the mix, with Six and Starbuck with Sam and Dean, that would be epic television right there.
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