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I can't feel my legs...I HAVE NO LEGS!

And so the Twilight madness continues with the release of the new book, from that author chick that can barely write good fiction thus ends up publishing a badfic and gets popular for it. Why, I don't know. I don't care for it nor do I ever want to get involved, but let's just say that I briefly witnessed firsthand the batshit insanity of the fangirls...and I ran like hell fled before any damage was done to my IQ. Note to self: never attempt that ever again (unless properly prepared with repellent). Apparently what I learned is that TWILIGHT = SRS BZNS. Which of course, it is not, it's quite LOLworthy, but to those scary fangirls it is. Deeply.

*runs and hides until the sparkling evilness goes away*

Onward to more pleasant things I like, which includes a slightly moody, stoic-looking Mohinder Suresh. Some aren't too crazy with the different hairdo, but I think it suits him, that shot in particular. I'm just pleased that there's new non-spoilery images being released of him, since I've missed my Momo terribly. *swoons*

Zachary Quinto, International Man of Guh! Those last few shots, the look he's giving the camera, very Sylar-like.
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