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Welcome to the Olympia

2008 Olympics in Beijing. Watched the opening ceremony last night and was literally blown away. Simply fantastical and amazing, the performances were beyond perfection to the costumes and the traditional storytelling, the coordination, precision and dedication of putting on such a production. From the lights and props and fireworks to the huge techn-screens used and the thousands of performers doing those nearly-impossible things to make the ceremony even more memorable, there are no words that I describe. It was phenomenal, that's all I'm saying.

I've been kind of busy over the last few days, more or less with RL, not to mention kind of exhausted. So I've merely been lurking about. I'm fine though, in case anyone was wondering. So in light of that I've decided to do this cracky meme because it looks like fun.

Pick 10 characters from as many fandoms as you wish and then answer the questions behind the cut.

01. Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)
02. Number Six (Battlestar Galactica)
03. Sylar (Heroes)
04. Tyra Coulette (Friday Night Lights)
05. Mohinder Suresh (Heroes)
06. Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
07. Claire Bennet (Heroes)
08. Temperance Brennan (Bones)
09. Cameron Baum (The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
10. Saul Tigh (Battlestar Galactica)

1. Describe the children of #3 and #7? Are they good parents?
Haha, Sylar/Claire? Well that's certainly is the crack!pairing that'll explode sooner or later if it hasn't already in fandom, but honestly if we're going really into teh crackiness of it I'd say Claire would be more caring than Sylar. Because y'know, he has that tendency of slicing people's skulls open and then has hissy fits about what kind of breakfast meal he should have. Definitely not the greatest influence on the children, unless the intention is for them to become serial killers.

2. Describe #5 and #1's first kiss.
Here's the scenario I've picked out: Blair is having trouble with her science grades, her mother hires a tutor for her, someone with the highest creditials, and that's none other than the incredible Doctor Mohinder Suresh. Blair finds him irresistible, as most often do, and finds her way to not only learn so she can continue working with him but also friendly flirting. Their kiss results after her passing her exams. It's awkward for Mohinder, knowing she is a minor, but Blair seems confident that despite it being a one-time thing she's able to mack of the hottest genetics professor ever in the entire world. Since we all know that what Blair wants, she gets. And soon Gossip Girl would have something to talk about ("Hey Upper Eastsiders, Gossip Girl here with the hottest, and I mean HOTTEST, scoop for this summer! It seems that our very own Queen B has emerged herself into getting a private tutor, who, it appears, she's been spending it getting more extra time than extra credit. Pencils down! It's time for a pop quiz. Who is this mystery man? What ones doesn't know, the gossip will continue to flow.")

Why yes, I am particularly shameless in that I would really wish this could happen. Both shows ARE based in New York so, the possibilities are always there!

3. How would #2 react to if #6 is pregnant with #10's baby?
How would Six react if Dean was pregnant with Tigh's baby? Perhaps more high voltage of shock and bewilderment than Tigh realizing that he'd impregnanted Caprica-Six, that's for sure. That or utter amusement with confusion, because MPREG? DO. NOT. WANT.

4. How does #8 convince #7 to go with him/her on a date?
Temperance would convince Claire by pretty much admitting to scientific facts about her biochemistry and for allowing to her access confidential records at the Jeffersonian regarding remains of post-Specials that were uncovered. And it would be a dinner date, not an actual date-date. Unless either one of them was dared to, which I don't think they'd mind. Temperance in particular, since she seems very open to things unless they truly bother her. I'm sure Claire would be intimidated but would go along with it.

5. Where would #9 and #6 go for their honeymoon? How is #4 going to sabotage their honeymoon?
Cameron and Dean would probably be fighting off evil bad guys, because that kind of luck happens to them all the time. It's just inevitable. Tyra would definitely sabotage their honeymoon, if not getting into the fight herself but would interrupt them because SHE wants to have Dean to herself. And then she and Cameron would have to fight to the death, while Dean watched in the background egging them on. Though it makes one wonder, how would Tyra go against Cameron, a Terminator? I guess when push comes to shove they can agree to have a threesome, which would make Dean incredibly happy.

6. #6 is in love with #1. #3 confesses his/her love to #6. Whom would #6 pick? Does #8 think s/he made the right choice?
Dean loves Blair, but Sylar confesses that he loves Dean. The crack just keeps getting better. It's no contest to say that Dean would totally pick Blair, because he already has an Antichrist for a brother and doesn't want another conflicted psycho to deal with. But in fear of not getting his head sliced open I'm sure he'd pick Sylar publically, so it's the right choice to not get killed until he finds an alternative way to kill the evil son-of-a-bitch. Though his heart will always belong to Blair. Yep.

7. #5 and #2 must pretend to be a married couple. Why?
SIX/MOHINDER = MY OTP BITCHES, BETTER REPRESENT! As for the question, in all honestly I don't know why they would pretend to be a married couple because with their amount of hotness together they don't need to pretend anything. Besides which, Six knows that Mohinder is the Final Cylon and it would be her ultimate goal to guide him towards his destiny. Trufax.

8. #10 is moving in with #9. What do they fight about the most?
Tigh would bitch about the lack of alcohol and the fact that Cameron is a "motherfrakking toaster", despite the fact that he, himself, is one too. Cameron doesn't bitch, because she's cool like that. In fact she'd be the one to put Tigh in his place, because she's stronger and of the non-organic machine type that he is.

9. How will #4 prove his/her love to #1?
Tyra would prove by being just as cunning and manipulative as Blair herself is, which they both are by default. Their minds think alike in that sense, and they'd TOTALLY be BFFs.

10. #7 and #4. Love at first sight?
More like BFFs at first sight, because them being Texas-bred it would be interesting to see if a friendship would occur between Claire and Tyra. They have similar outlooks on life. IDK.

11. What would #2 give #9 for Valentine's Day?
Humanity's end. The perfect gift for two of man's own desctruction, and Six and Cameron would enjoy roasting it over a fire like marshmallows. IDEK!

12. Under what circumstances could #3 and #5 have a happy end?
Ah, Sylar and Mohinder. Perhaps is Sylar regained a sense of redemption, lost all the stolen powers and managed to become mere old Gabriel Gray again, while having Mohinder tell him that he doesn't need to be special and that would be that. That, or have Mohinder go completely evil and start reigning over the world with his badassery, impressing Sylar in the process. Yep, though they wouldn't have a happy end, it would be a blissful experience nonetheless. Evil!Mohinder/Sylar = bestest thing ever.

13. What would #8 like to change about #10? Does number #10 approve?
Oh, Brennan would definitely rag on Tigh for his destructive lifestyle of excessive drinking. If there were to be an intervention I'm sure Brennan, with the help of Booth, could possibly turn Tigh around. But I doubt he would approve of such nonsense of those people trying to change him. Because how would he be the angriest man in the world without teh drinking? Well, if you took alcohol out of the equation I guess he would still be angry and bitter, just double that times ten.

14. #2 and #7 are together. Who is more protective of the other?
Six. I mean come on, have you seen how hardcore the Sixes are? She'll beat you into a bloody pulp with just her pinky finger. Not that Claire can't handle things on her own, but if they were going to be together I'm betting that Six would be the first to go after anyone that would try to mess with her. Sylar, watch out!

15. Who is first going to say "I love you", #1 or #9?
Blair, because she's a hopeless romantic that way. I don't think Cameron understands the concept of love.

16. Describe #10 and #4's perfect romantic outing.
Lots and lots of alcoholic beverages involved, that's the only way to please Tigh and I'm sure Tyra wouldn't mind it either. Of course I'm not sure why Tyra would be interested in him in the first place, unless he had something to offer, but I'm sure a couple of drinks would change that. Romantically they wouldn't go well, but I'm sure in a platonic sense they could become drinking buddies. Yep.

17. Who suffers from pre-wedding jitters, #3 or #8? How does bridesmaid/best man #10 soothe them?
I'd think both Sylar and Brennan would have pre-wedding jitters. First of all, why would Sylar be getting committed anyway and with Brennan, she doesn't believe in marriage. Tigh would offer them his own personal savior in times like these, alcohol, which I'm sure they'd accept happily to numb what they're about to go through.

18. #6 is a secret admirer. What presents will they make the wo/man of their dreams?
Well, I'm not sure about Dean's creativity when it comes to "the one", since he's more of a hounddog when it comes to the romancing than anything. But if it's someone he really does care about I'm sure he'd come up with something. Like, a handmade protection amulet or a gift that would look pretty but would also fend off demons and evil spirits. Hey, when you're a Winchester you have to watch out for those you love and care about! Evil is everywhere, and knowing their luck with the ladies they either turn up to be evil themselves or dead. So better safe than sorry.

I realized that most of pairings were of the femslash category, which wasn't intentional at all, but still quite hilarious. In fact, it makes the crack!pairings even more cracky.
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