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Current Events: Scott Peterson Death Penalty Sentence

Scott Peterson has been sentenced to Death, confirmed on December 13th, 2004.

This morning I found out that the jury had finally made a decision to decide the fate of Scott Peterson, the man that was charged with First and Second Degree murder for killing his wife and unborn son, Conner. Anticipating the sentencing verdict of the trial that happened a 1:30pm earlier this afternoon, I was figdeting and restless as the announcement was being delayed. Having waited for 2 whole years for this information, it was a bit intimidating to be waiting for this whole thing to be over. Once hearing his verdict, being the Death Penalty, my entire class was in shock. Some weren't surprised, but still silence fell amongst everyone.

Even though I'm glad about Scott Peterson getting what he deserves for murdering his pregnant wife nearly 2 years ago during this time of the year, I'm just not behind the entire Death Penalty decision. I strongly oppose putting someone to death when there's no circumstancial evidence to be brought into the courtroom. Standing behind my opinion, I believe that killing someone for murdering another doesn't justify anything and neither side wins; both the Rocha and the Peterson families then have lost their precious children (and grandchild, being Conner), so there's absolutely nothing justified there. The animosity towards Scott over the past two years have grown, hence the cheers outside the courtroom once the verdict that he was guilty. Everyone suspected him, and even from the beginning when they were questioning him about her disappearance I could tell that he had no emotion whatsoever, and the tears that he brought on camera were just for show -- to prove to reporters and the public that he was sympathetic over his wife's disappearance. But he didn't show this during the trial, and all he did was tell lies, and more lies.

Scott Peterson is scum, and nobody can convince me otherwise. He's a murdering cad with absolutely no affect whatsoever during this entire thing, and I guess I've always suspected him not only because he would be the first suspect for me if I were a crime investigator, but because of his suspicious actions during the time Laci was missing. I understand that he was a cheater and with his affair with Amber Frye had to be covered up, everything else seemed pretty much shadowed by his mysterious behavior. I think everyone started to suspect him at the same time as I did, when the Modesto police stopped him from crossing the border to Mexico -- with a stolen car, borrowing his brother's I.D., and bleaching his hair and growing a beard. Stories, lies, contradictions, and falsehoods of his whereabouts. That's all what Scott is about. He's a liar, cheater, and murderer. Nobody can deny that his actions were disgustingly wrong and the horrible thing that he's done to Laci's family was dispicable.

I agree with Laci's mother. Divorce was an option, murder wasn't. Sure, with divorce the other family would despise and hate him for a while, but he wouldn't have been on Death Row, literally. I guess he'll have to think about this when he's going through all those Appeals and while walking down that hallway to lethal injection in St. Quentin.

I've been following this case for two years, because it's been personal for many people in our area, and I have to say that it's a relief that this entire situation is over and dealt with. But this isn't the last we've heard of Scott Peterson, that's for sure. There's going to be many Appeals and possibly 10 to 20 years until he is actually sentenced to death. But it's perfectly all right, because now Scott has lost his freedom and freewill for life. He'll have to think real hard about his actions now, and perhaps learn to show true emotion the next time he speaks up (if he ever does, which I highly doubt).

My heart goes out to Laci and her son Conner, as well as the Rocha family. It had been a horrible, morbid, and emotional time for everyone -- including those that have been following through with this case from the very beginning and have grown emotionally attached to Laci's story. I just hope that wherever Laci and Conner are, that they're at peace. And I hope that the Rocha family can easily move on, knowing that their daughter and grandson are looking down on them, smiling as this verdict had been read.

♥ R.I.P. Laci and Conner ♥
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