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You can't take the sky from me...well, yes you can.

I've been having the Olympics in the background as I'm doing other stuff, half-watching. There are some things I'll watch with interest while others not so much, and despite all the noise and controversy surrounding the Olympics being held in China and other related topics, I am enjoying the aspect of the games and seeing who wins and so forth. And if I miss something, I can always look at recaps. It's all good.

Also, the California State Fair opened yesterday, and I'm aching to go. It's tradition, I always go every year.

I've also caught one of the many Terminator: TSCC S2 promo and HOLY CRAP it looks amazing. Especially since it'll be focusing on Cameron going bad!Terminator after her chip had been damaged during the explosion, losing the memories and instructions that future!John programmed her with. It'll be interesting to see how Summer will take this role even further with being evil, and with some of the promos I've seen she looks rather badass. Particularly this one, which has me cracking up. I'm actually wary of how it'll do with it being against Heroes, if it's against it at all. I have no idea about timeslots as those can be tricky especially for hit shows like these two, though the premiere for TSCC is on Sept. 8th which is good.

Getting back into something I paused at for a while, due to lacking in finishing and ideas, my fanmixing! I've been having crazy crack ideas for crossover fanmixes but I'm not sure how I'm planning on doing that. Knowing how I organize and structure my fanmixes, I can be pretty anal when it comes to how it's done. I also want to try this ficmix thing, because I think it's a creative way of storytelling as it has something more of substance to give than just random songs. How that'll happen or when it'll be finished and posted, I have no idea. I do have regular fanmixes that have been on queue for a while so I'll do those first, with the ficmixes and crossovers possibly for later. Again, I don't know how later, but it'll happen. Definitely.

And my GOD it's hot outside. California is not a great place to be when it's summer and this hot, because we have such dry weather. It's also where we have both polar opposites; we either are too hot and dry with threatening of fires, or it's raining nonstop and threatening of possible floods. It's insane.
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